FAQs - MtnPro Tunnel Bags

What are the benefits of snowmobiling with a MtnPro Tunnel Bag vs. a backpack?

BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bags provide an easier, faster, and more secure way to attach and remove accessories on your snowmobile. With a tunnel bag, you can instantly access anything you need on your sled without having to stop and take off your backpack.

Which snowmobile models are compatible with the BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag?

The MtnPro Tunnel Bag mounting system has been redesigned to be compatible with a wider range of snowmobiles. Included with the Tunnel Bag are four straps that will mount to any make, and model snowmobile by drilling two holes in the tunnel and two holes in the running boards.

Which BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag videos are available?

Watch these BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag Videos to learn more about the product and how to install the MtnPro Tunnel Bag on your snowmobile.

How to Install Your BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag on a Ski-Doo Snowmobile (Video)

How to Install Your BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag on a Polaris Snowmobile (Video)

How to Pack Your Tunnel Bag for a Day out Snowmobiling (Video)

How do I secure my MtnPro Tunnel Baf to a Ski-Doo snowmobile?

The MtnPro Tunnel Bag has been designed to easily accommodate the Ski-Doo LinQ mounting hardware.

Remember, look before you drill and measure twice

These are bolts that need to be purchased by customers in order to attach the Ski-Doo LinQ system to our new tunnel bag.

  • 1/4-20×3/4″ bolt. Quantity: 4 (we like Phillip’s head)
  • 1/4-20 nylon lock nut. Quantity: 4
  • 1/4-20 metal washer. Quantity: 4

For more information,  Ski-Doo LinQ installation directions here.