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Introducing the

FLOAT™ E2 Avalanche Airbag Collection

The new BCA FLOAT™ E2 Avalanche Airbag Packs are the ideal bag for backcountry exploration. At their heart is the Alpride E2 supercapacitor, 40 percent smaller and 11 percent lighter than the Alpride E1 system. No compressed-air cylinder, so no more issues with air travel. The Side Stash pocket and Back Stash zip make it easier to travel on snow —without stopping to hydrate or swap hats, gloves or eyewear.

The BCA FLOAT™ E2 line features three packs—a 25L, 35L, and a sled-specific 25L Turbo Avalanche Airbag Pack. All models are offered in two sizes and different colorways.

Featuring an Alpride E2 supercapacitor system to store energy that powers the radial turbo compressor upon deployment. Supercapacitor performance is more reliable in cold temperatures and releases faster when activated for deployment. The new E2 system is 40 percent smaller and 11 percent lighter than the existing Alpride E1 system, with a 162-liter airbag. Installing two AA batteries keep the supercapacitors at full charge for longer without having to plug into a wall and allow for additional deployments in the field.

Like the E1, the E2 has no TSA restrictions for hassle-free airline travel. More info can be found here: Travel with E2 System.

All FLOAT™ E2 Packs feature our innovative Side Stash pocket that offers access to essentials on the go. Hydrate or swap hat/gloves/eyewear and quickly rip and stash skins for seamless transitions. Keep your pack on in avalanche terrain!

PU Coated Nylon in 420d Ripstop and 210d Double Ripstop


E2-25 Weight:
5.8 lb / 2,662 g (with E2 system)
3.3 lb / 1,521 g (without E2 system)

E2-35 Weight:
6.1 lb / 2,792 g (with E2 system)
3.6 lb / 1,651 g (without E2 system)

E2-25 Turbo Weight:
6.2 lb / 2,812 g (with E2 system)
3.7 lb / 1,678 g (without E2 system)

Our FLOAT™ E2 25 & 35 tried-and-true accessory carry features includes ski and snowboard carry, ice axe carry, rope carry, and helmet carry, the removable ski/snowboard/compression straps, and fully integrated radio and hydration capability.

The FLOAT™ E2-25 Turbo offers multiple options for external and internal shovel carry, an insulated internal electronics pocket, and fully integrated radio and hydration capability.

Float avalanche airbags do not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident. Educate yourself, make good decisions, and know before you go.