FAQs - BCA Pro Program

What is the BCA Pro Program?

The BCA Pro Purchase Program is a membership program that provides limited discounts to qualified outdoor professionals and industry partners who have national or regional reach in the backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling communities.

Who is eligible to participate in the BCA Pro Program?

U.S. PROS/EMPLOYEES - You must be an active member or employee of a BCA partner organization in the U.S., and/or a current employee of a U.S. retailer that sells BCA gear to join. Qualified U.S. pro applicants are industry professionals who are certified guides with a need for BCA equipment, professional avalanche forecaster/instructor, or active member of AMGA, NSP, PSIA-AASI, SAR, or government organization. Qualified employee applicants are current employees of a retailer that sells BCA gear. Outdoor industry organizations that offer BCA employees a reciprocal pro deal will also be considered. For more info, email the U.S. Pro Purchase team.

CANADA PROS - You must be an active member or employee of a BCA partner organization in Canada to join. Qualified pro applicants are industry professionals who are an employee of a professional guide service, or active member of ACMG, CSP, CSIA, or a SAR organization. Or, you have received a Pro Code to apply from a BCA representative. For more info, email K2 Canada

INTERNATIONAL PROS (Outside U.S. & Canada) - For applicants outside of North America, please contact the distributor in your country listed on our BCA Regional Offices and Distributors page. For more info, email K2 Europe.

OK, I meet the eligibility requirements. Now, how do I sign up for BCA Pro Program?

There are two ways to apply: fill out an application or sign up with a pro code.

FILL OUT AN APPLICATIONAll returning pros must reapply at the beginning of the season after June 30th. To qualify, upload corresponding documentation to verify your employment or affiliation with a BCA partner organization or BCA retailer. Please see here for the comprehensive list of credentials we accept. This may include a business card, active membership card, current contract/job description, ID with an expiration date, or recent pay stub from the last 30 days.

JOIN WITH A PRO CODE - If you have received a pro code from a BCA representative, please fill in your information and the pro code on the BCA Pro Program page. You will receive immediate confirmation of whether the code is valid or not. If the pro code is not valid, you can use the upload credentials and fill in the form option below instead.

What are the Pro Program account guidelines? Can I be disqualified from the Pro Program for any reason?

Please read the guidelines below. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in immediate suspension from the BCA Pro Program.

  • Pro code purchases are for personal use only.
  • Pro code purchases are not for friends, family, or for resale.
  • Buying more than one item per product category can result in loss of industry purchase privileges. (This guideline does not apply to our BC Link 1.0 or 2.0 radios - you may purchase multiple radios through your pro account.)
  • Do not discuss industry discount pricing with anyone. Violation will result in loss of pro/emp purchase privileges with BCA.
Will past pro accounts be automatically reactivated?

No, accounts will not be automatically reactivated. At the end of every season (June), all returning pros will be required to reapply on a year-by-year basis. You can find the application here, where you may upload your credentials and we will (re)approve you for a pro account.

How long is my Pro Program account active?

Current season Pro purchase accounts are valid through June 30 each year.