BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park System

The BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park includes a portable weatherproof control panel, 8 transmitters with probe targets, signage, setup and use instructions. Contact us for pricing.



This product is not available for purchase on our website yet, please head into your local shop to check out their availability.

The BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park System is a training system created to make it easier and more efficient for recreationists and pros to practice with their avalanche beacons. Eight waterproof transmit boxes are controlled wirelessly through a portable, weatherproof control panel. To change the scenario, just flick the on/off switches on the control panel. Each transmit box comes with a 2’x2′ square probe target, RECCO® rescue system diode, and motion sensor that creates an audible beep on at the control panel if the target has been struck. Includes signage, setup, and use instructions.

Control panel range: 60 meters. Control panel and transmit boxes each run on alkaline D-cell batteries (battery life: approx. 1 season).

If you live or play in the mountains, there’s a good chance there is a BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park near you, allowing you to practice multiple search scenarios at your convenience.