Since 1994, BCA has been laser-focused on saving lives through reliable, easy-to-use products and consumer education.

By keeping it simple when you’re under stress, you increase your chances of a successful live recovery. 

But even the most intuitive device requires training --- and practice.

The difference between a Tracker and another avalanche transceiver is negligible compared to practicing and not practicing. As any avalanche instructor will tell you, the best beacon is the one you know how to use. And this translates to airbags, radiosshovels, and probes

There’s a reason why BCA is the bestselling backcountry brand in North America: simplicity. But that’s only half the equation. The other half is up to you. The other half is up to you: learning and practicing.


BCA has always been about high-performance backcountry gear, from developing the world’s first digital transceiver to popularizing avalanche airbags and hands-free two-way radios. But products are just a means to an end. Ultimately, we want to maximize fun and minimize avalanche fatalities for all backcountry riders. We continue to evolve our product line with a focus on simplicity and prevention, good communication, and expanded education programs.

At BCA, we don’t just send, we always return. 

We love “sending” big lines like everyone else, but none of those counts unless you return intact. Our BCA team of athletes and ambassadors represent this high level of commitment to backcountry safety. Our ’25 Years Deep’ video shows how BCA has evolved over the years to promote good decision making and a #sendandreturn mentality to riding in the backcountry.