BLISTER SUMMIT Experts Talk Backcountry Safety and Gear (Video)

January 31, 2020

BCA co-founder Bruce Edgerly explains why gear is just part of the equation to safe backcountry travel, and why avalanche education is still paramount.

BCA was live at the 2022 BLISTER SUMMIT, where Backcountry Access co-founder, Bruce Edgerly, Salomon skier & filmmaker, Drew Petersen, lead guide, snow safety director & former ski patroller, Megan Paden; and avalanche forecaster, Zach Guy discussed a number of important backcountry-safety topics, including:

  • Education / Perceptions About Avy Safety Gear 5:28
  • Avalanche Airbags as Essential Safety Equipment? 13:55
  • When In Doubt, Airbag It Out? 21:11
  • How Can New Users Enter The Backcountry Safely? 25:15
  • Media & Showcasing Backcountry Travel 33:49
  • “Wake-Up Call” Moments 39:35