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Why to choose the BCA Float MtnPro Vest Avalanche Airbag

March 10, 2021

A day out in the backcountry can be burdened by excess weight and cumbersome layering, even for sledders. That’s why BCA designed the Float MtnPro Vest avalanche airbag for the snowmobiler or snowbiker who is looking for an avalanche airbag, upper body trauma protection, and avalanche tool carrier without the bulk of wearing all three separately.

Traditionally, motorized users have had to layer each of these necessary items in a way that increases weight, traps heat, and reduces mobility. But with the Float MtnPro Vest avalanche airbag 2.0, the all-in-one design allows for an increased range of motion in addition to providing quick access to avy tools and an avalanche airbag for emergency situations.

Full front, side, and back protection aim to protect against trauma caused by trees, rocks, and handlebars, but the lightweight breathability of the interior mesh fabric makes all-day activity no sweat. Large front pockets make carrying a transceiver easy and protected while keeping it close at hand for rapid searching needs. Snacks and other smaller safety items can also be stored in the front pocket enclosures. Dual shoulder zippers allow for easy access to both the airbag trigger and a BC Link 2.0 radio system or a hydration system if desired.

An external shovel carry is built in for those who choose to keep one accessible, but there is also an option to keep all avy safety tools enclosed within the rear safety tool compartment of the vest. 

New this year, the Float MtnPro Vest 2.0 also comes in size small, expanding the offering to three sizes for winter 2020/2021 to better accommodate riders of varying heights. And for avalanche emergencies the vest is equipped with BCA’s Float 2.0 compressed-air inflation system that is 30% smaller and 15% lighter than the Float 1.0 system, thus increasing the weight savings and mobility of the vest throughout the day.

To hear more about how the vest performs in the field, we caught up with a few of BCA’s ambassadors to learn more about why they chose the Float MtnPro Vest 2.0.

“First and foremost, I love the protection it provides. Putting that vest on feels like I’m getting a big comforting hug to start my day off right! The built-in armor is a game-changer for me—so much so that it feels like something is missing if I swap over to my float backpack. It’s light and does an excellent job of dispersing the weight thanks to the wide hip strap. This also keeps my cargo tight to my body (no more backpack swing). The Float MtnPro vest has ample storage space which has been expanded thanks to the 2.0 float system’s smaller bottle and compact design. All this and we haven't even talked about the airbag yet. I'll keep that part short and sweet. This vest airbag system saved my life, I won’t ride in avalanche terrain without one! Neither should you.” 

— Marshall Dempster, avalanche educator and guide for Valemount, B.C.’s Frozen Pirate Snow Services

“The Float MtnPro vest fits amazingly well. The core protection combined with the safety of the airbag, quick access to the transceiver and satellite messenger in the front pockets and the seamless integration for the BC Link radio make the MtnPro my go-to for snow biking in avalanche terrain.” 

— Brock Bolin, Safety Director for the Flathead Snowmobile Association and Manager at Penco Power Products