simplicity is speed the tracker s beacon hits market

Simplicity is Speed: The Tracker S Avalanche Beacon Hits the Market

November 1, 2019

Simplicity is Speed this is the Tracker S avalanche transceiver, with all the performance of the Tracker3 in a more affordable package.

Simplicity is Speed: This is the BCA Tracker S avalanche beacon, with all the performance of the Tracker3 in a more affordable package.

Backcountry Access (BCA) is pleased to announce that its much-anticipated BCA Tracker S avalanche beacon is now in stock. The BCA Tracker S is the newest avalanche transceiver to hit the market for the 2019/20 season. Backcountry Access has named the Tracker S for its simplicity and speed of operation for all backcountry skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers in need of a fast avalanche rescue.

The Tracker S is our most streamlined Tracker transceiver yet, says BCA co-founder and VP Bruce Edgerly. Its real-time display, pitbull signal locking and, no-nonsense multiple-burial searching make it easy to use under stress. By removing some of the high-end features that only professionals need, were reinforcing our greatest strength: ease-of-use for the typical backcountry rider.

BCAs new Tracker S offers the same proven performance and ease of operation of the Tracker3, without the advanced features of motion-sensing, micro-USB port, and upgradeable software needed by snow professionals, providing a lower price. The high-performance BCA Tracker S avalanche beacon includes harness and batteries and is affordable for all backcountry recreational riders at the retail price of $299.95.

BCA Tracker S Avalanche Beacon Gear Review (Live Demo)

The bottom line on the Tracker S is that its easy to use under stress. It gives you a fast, bright distance and direction display even in extremely cold temps and no extraneous icons or other bells and whistles. The LED digital display is real-time, providing instantaneous distance and direction information, no matter how fast you're moving. This fast processing also means that in multiple burials there's no delay when moving from one victim to the next.

If multiple victims are buried, the Tracker S Signal Suppression (SS) and Big Picture (BP) modes allow you to gather a quick sense of how many transmitters are in the area and suppress the closest signal once it has been located, allowing you to move on to the next victim while your partners begin probing and digging.

Unique to the TrackerSis the blue Options button on the face of the transceiver. By placing your finger on the blue TrackerS Options button, you can use Signal Suppression (SS) and Big Picture (BP) modes, advanced operating modes used in multiple burial scenarios. One-touch to the blue button activates Signal Suppression mode, which will suppress the strongest signal for one minute and allow you to move away from that and lock onto the next strongest signal. If you hold down the button and continue to hold it down, this will put you into Big Picture mode. In Big Picture mode, the TrackerS picks up all transmitting signals within range and provides you with a distance reading and directional light so that you can determine the best possible search strategy.


What's the best avalanche beacon for the backcountry? BCA Tracker avalanche beacons are the best selling avalanche transceivers in North America, with the Tracker S being the newest in our product line. The S in the BCA TrackerS stands for one thing: simplicity.

Remember: no avalanche transceiver can help save lives without a fully trained user. Take an avalanche course and practice frequently with your Tracker S avalanche beacon before going into the backcountry. BCA Beacon Training Parks are located at ski resorts and snowmobile trailheads across North America. Groups should always perform a trailhead transceiver test before entering the backcountry.

BCA Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver Product Video

The BCA TrackerSinstructional video provides new product owners with a visual guide to how to operate the transceiver

Watch our BCA Transceiver Training Videos and learn how to operate and practice with your backcountry riding partners. Visit the BCA Tracker Resources page for product manuals, beacon searching 101 handouts, and frequently asked questions.

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