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Float 2.0 Airbag Videos: Learn how to uninstall and install cylinders and repack for fastest deployment

October 26, 2019

Watch videos on how to properly install air cylinders and accessories and how to repack the Float 2.0 avalanche airbag system for fastest airbag deployment.

Backcountry Access has three new videos on the Float 2.0 avalanche airbag system to teach you how to properly install 2.0 air cylinders and accessories and how to repack for the fastest airbag deployment.

The refillable Float 2.0 compressed air cylinder is the power and driving force behind our Float 2.0 avalanche airbag system. When the Float trigger is pulled, the Float 2.0 activates the release of 2,800-3,000 psi (207 bar) of compressed air, inflating the airbag. Always make sure your cylinder is full and connected correctly before heading out.

BCAs Float 2.0 system is different than our 1.0 system. The Float 2.0 air cylinder is located at the base of the airbag, whereas the Float 1.0 cylinder sits inside the airbag pack. The Float 2.0 air cylinder also has a different attachment coupler than the 1.0 cylinder. Nearly 30 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than our Float 1.0 engine, the Float 2.0 cylinder ensures a rapid fill when activated.

How to Uninstall and Install a BCA Float 2.0 Airbag System

BCAs 200+ authorized refill locations around the world make it the easiest refillable airbag system on the market. The Float avalanche airbag system does not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident. BCA Float avalanche airbags will only work if you know how to use them. Educate yourself, make good decisions, and know before you go. Please take some time before heading to the mountains to watch these important videos.

How to Install a Float 2.0 Air Cylinder and Repack the Airbag

Float 2.0 compressed air cylinders weigh 1.3 pounds / 594 grams (Full) and 1.2 pounds / 500 grams (Empty), and are DOT, TC, and TUV certified. All Float 2.0 cylinders come with a Float Consumer Refill Kit (five o-rings, Allen key, vacuum grease, and toothpick) for refilling.

How to Install Float 2.0 Pack Accessories, like the BC Link Radio and Hydration Hose

For more information, please visit our Float Resources page.