BCA Tracker Software Updater Now Available for Tracker™ 3 Avalanche Beacons

October 15, 2020

The BCA Tracker Software Updater is a downloadable utility for updating the firmware on certain models of Tracker™ 3 and Tracker™ 4 avalanche transceivers. Using this BCA software with a PC (not Mac-compatible), you can update the Tracker’s firmware.

Which models of Tracker™ 3 avalanche beacons are compatible with the BCA Tracker Software Updater?

The Tracker Software Updater is currently compatible with certain prior year (PY) Tracker3 models. 

  • 2014 PY Tracker™ 3 models with software version 2.3 do not have a software update available. If you are using a Tracker3 that is older than 5 years and out-of-warranty, please complete the warranty form to inquire about your options for a Tracker upgrade.
  • 2015-2018 PY Tracker™ 3 models with software versions 3.0 - 3.2 can update to the 3.3 version with the BCA Tracker Software Updater.
  • 2019 PY Tracker™ 3 models with software version 3.3 - 3.6 will not have a software update, as this is the most recent version for PY Tracker models.
  • 2020 Tracker™ 3+ and Tracker™ 4 models come with a software version 6.4 and do not have a software update available, as this is the most recent version.

To identify which software version you currently have, simply press and hold down the “options” button on your Tracker while you turn the transceiver on. The model of Tracker will display first, for example, ‘T3’, followed by the software version, ‘3.3’.

    How do I download the BCA Tracker Software Updater?

    If your Tracker™ 3 avalanche transceiver is eligible for a software update, please download the BCA Tracker Software Updater to your PC. Users may be prompted to install drivers or .net software. The installation should be guided and relatively straightforward if this happens. The BCA Tracker Software Updater is only compatible with a PC. It is not compatible with a Mac or Linux.

    How do I use BCA Tracker Software Updater?

    You will need to use a USB Mini cord for all T3 software updates (and a USB C-Type cord for all future Tracker 4 updates.) The USB port is located inside the battery box of your Tracker transceiver.

    • Once installed, connect the Tracker to your computer with a standard USB cable (Mini USB for Tracker3+ and USB C for Tracker4).
    • Open the Tracker Utility and follow the instructions on the screen.

      Follow the prompts closely while performing any software updates. If, for some reason, your Tracker Software Updater times out, the USB cord becomes unplugged, or your computer shuts down during this process, restart the program from the beginning and continue to follow the prompts.

      What is the difference between the Tracker3 and Tracker3+ software?

      There is no difference in performance between the Tracker3 and Tracker3+. Tracker3+ has a new software version because there’s some new hardware on the circuit board from new suppliers. These chips need slightly different code than their predecessors.  

      Is there a Tracker software update available for other Tracker avalanche beacon models, such as the Tracker S, Tracker2, or Tracker DTS avalanche beacons?

      The BCA Tracker Software Updater currently only works with the Tracker3 avalanche transceiver models listed above.

      BCA has a Tracker2 software update avalanche transceiver that requires owners to ship their Tracker2 transceivers to a local BCA office. To update your Tracker2 software, please follow the instructions on our Tracker2 software update page.

      There are no software updates for the Tracker S or Tracker DTS avalanche beacons.

      JAPAN: Please download Tracker software upgrade instructions in Japanese.