BCA releases new Dozer shovel series, now in stock

February 17, 2022

Dozer shovels are radically strong, light, and user-friendly. If you learn to chop and paddle, allocate people power, and move the debris to all the right places, you're going to save valuable minutes—and potentially even a life.

The Dozer avalanche shovel series, new to Backcountry Access (BCA) for winter 2022, is designed to shovel snow efficiently and effectively when it matters most. Six new Dozer avalanche shovel models offer options ranging from lightweight recreational shovels to do-it-all professional-level shovels to shovels with hoe-mode capability.

With regard to their complete redesign, BCA co-founder Bruce Edgerly explains, "We've learned a lot about shoveling over the last decade or so and wanted to optimize our shovels for the latest digging techniques—and to meet the new UIAA standards for avalanche shovels." These new UIAA standards specify that because avalanche shovels are a critical piece of safety gear, they must meet requirements for tension and bending. The Dozer shovels meet all these specifications.

BCA's new ovo-concave shaft is the first of its kind in the avalanche shovel world. It prevents breakage when prying debris and enables the user to maintain a better grip when moving heavy loads. A flat "stomp edge" at the top of the shovel blade allows the user to stomp on the shovel to break up hard debris. The front third of the Dozer shovel blade is smooth, creating smooth snowpit walls when performing snow stability tests. Self-actuating spring pins enable fast assembly and deployment.

The BCA Dozer avalanche shovel line comes in three blade sizes: size 1, 2, and 3, and two grip types: the T-grip and D-grip. For example, the lightest avalanche shovel, the Dozer 1T-UL, has a small blade and T-grip. The Dozer 2D has a medium blade and D-grip, and the Dozer 3D has a large blade for heavy-duty use. The Dozer 2H converts hoe mode to provide added efficiency when “paddling" chunks of debris without lifting.

"Shoveling is the most demanding and time-consuming phase of most avalanche rescues. At BCA, we innovate to save lives, not just for the sake of innovation itself," Edgerly remarks. "Even though it's not sexy, a stronger, lighter shovel can actually make a big difference on the debris pile."