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Electronic Interference in a Nutshell

Cell phones, heated gloves, smart watches, and even snowmobiles can create electronic interference (EMI) that can disrupt an avalanche transceiver search--unless the searcher takes preventative action. In an encouraging collaboration this fall between manufacturers, avalanche centers, educators, and other stakeholders, a working group organized by the Canadian Avalanche Association produced a basic set of guidelines to clarify these issues to the public.
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Avalanche Transceiver Interference Sources with Search and Rescue Considerations

For years we've been aware that electronic devices, metallic objects, and even foil energy bar wrappers, may interfere with an avalanche transceiver search. Despite this, many users are still unclear about which devices may impact a search, and there are no identified strategies for dealing with interference during a search. This study explores the sources and proposes some practical search strategies to address them.

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