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  • #sendandreturn: Springtime Avalanche Tips from the CNFAIC Pros

    While these springtime avalanche tips cover Alaska, they are relevant and can be applied to any backcountry mountain region in the world, whether in the Cascades, Sierras, Rocky Mountains or the Alps.

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  • #sendandreturn: Avalanche Airbag Saves Snowbiker from Life-Threatening Ordeal

    When the cornice broke, Snowbiker Marty Mann was carried 100 feet down the slope and buried.  When the mass of snow stopped moving, Mann discovered he was essentially buried standing up, miraculously with his airbag deployed and an air pocket around his face enabling him to breathe.

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  • #sendandreturn: 81-Year-Old Veteran Chases Winter

    Forest Walker is no ordinary heliskier. Forest is an 81-year-old Vietnam veteran who flew helicopters in Vietnam and spends his winters chasing powder. He’s working on a milestone – reaching ONE MILLION VERTICAL FEET by the age 82 years old.

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  • #sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves Two Snowmobilers

    Here are two new #sendandreturn success stories in which our BCA Float MtnPro protective vests recently saved two snowmobilers – one recreational rider who went over his handlebars, and one pro rider whose machine landed on top of him. Remarkable to read.

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  • #sendandreturn: My First Year on the Freeride World Tour

    What is BCA’s #sendandreturn all about?  It’s about good decision-making based on the avalanche forecast, terrain and conditions, and the willingness to forgo sending it down a planned route for the sake of returning at the end of the day! #sendandreturn is high-stakes business for Freeride World Tour athletes, as Grif Moller reminds us here. […]

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  • #sendandreturn: Spring Skiing Southern Chile’s Araucania Region

    Climbing above the clouds on Villarrica for spring skiing Southern Chile’s Araucania Region – a beautiful 5500’ ski run from the smoking crater to the parking lot. This was a day that started off with three hours of skinning in a whiteout and GPS navigation. BCA ambassador Tyler Reid reports.

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  • #sendandreturn: Super C Portillo – The One That Got Away

    BCA pro athlete Amie Engerbretson writes of her #sendandreturn approach to skiing the infamous, coveted, aesthetically beautiful Super C couloir nestled in the Andes Mountains that tower above the idyllic mountain oasis, Ski Portillo.

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  • #sendandreturn: Watch the BCA Safe Shredding (and Sledding) Video Series

    Unlike other freeride films, BCA’s new series shows the necessary avalanche safety and decision-making processes behind the making of big mountain movies.

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  • BCA Presents New Avalanche Research at ISSW2018

    Three new papers: ‘Peer Ambassadors at Work: Modeling Good Decision-Making in “Aggro” Freeride Films’, ‘Simplifying the Signal Search: Why You Don’t Need to Rotate Your Tranceiver Vertically’, and ‘Let’s Break Tradition and Save More Lives. Using Snowmobiles for Avalanche Rescue’ presented here. 

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