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  • Let’s face it, backcountry skiing is trendy right now – Avalanche education with SAFE AS.

    Lel kicks off this season’s SAFE AS clinics with some provocative questions to get attendees to think about the importance of avalanche education. SAFE AS emphasizes our own empowerment and decision making as the key in coming home at the end of every day. #sendandreturn.  

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  • Canadian Flatlanders: Join us for an Intro to Snowmobile Avalanche Safety and Gear Essentials

    Attention Canadian flatlanders! BCA snowmobile avy education specialists Dwayne and Deb Paynton are presenting a series of local avalanche safety and the essential gear you need seminars for Canadian sledders in October and November 2017. See schedule of locations here.

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  • The low-down on beacons: Check out our new transceiver training videos

    Traveling in the backcountry with an avalanche transceiver is recommended, but an avalanche transceiver will only help you and your group if you all know how to use them. BCA’s ‘Introduction to Avalanche Transceiver for Skiers and Snowboarder’ video will teach everything you need to know about getting started with your transceiver.

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  • Watch Videos: Introduction to Avalanche Transceivers for Snowmobilers

    Traveling in the backcountry with an avalanche transceiver is recommended, but an avalanche transceiver will only help you and your snowmobile group if you all know how to use them. Some basic transceiver tips for snowmobilers to get started.

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  • Snowmobilers: The 2017 Free BRP Avalanche Skills Class Schedule is Here

    BRP, BCA and Backcountry Ascender have teamed up to offer snowmobilers free avalanche education by sponsoring nearly 60 free seminars in 2017 throughout Canada and the United States. See the full schedule here and sign up today.

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  • BCA Presents the Backcountry Basics Educational Videos Series

    BCA has just released a new series of five educational videos titled, “BCA Backcountry Basics: Get the Goods without Getting Buried.” The goal is to get new backcountry riders stoked on snow safety–and enrolled in avalanche courses.

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  • 2017 U.S. Snow and Avalanche Workshops Schedule

    Mark your calendars and get educated at one of the U.S. regional snow and avalanche workshops. These pre-season gatherings of snow travelers are a great way to share knowledge, learn, laugh, and network. Meetings are intended for ski patrollers, avalanche forecasters, road maintenance personnel, ski guides, avalanche education instructors, snowmobile professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and applied researchers, and also open to anyone in the community. 

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  • BCA’s Most Interesting Man: Pro Skier, Whale Researcher, Musician. Meet Adam Ü

    If you’ve ever picked up a ski magazine, you’ve probably seen a shot of Adam U. Adam U has made a skiing career for himself by shooting photos with some of the ski industry’s best photographers. But Adam’s passions go far beyond skiing. In the summer’s Adam works for NOAA, researching aquatic and marine life off the coasts of some of the worlds most exotic places. Currently, Adam is also working on his fourth solo album. We caught up with Adam over the phone, as he was sitting in Pearl Harbor, having just gotten off the first leg of his summer long research survey of the Hawaiian Island’s Ecosystem. Keep reading to meet one of BCA’s most interesting tele-shredders! 

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  • Summer Fun and Winter Stoke with BCA Pro-Skier Corey Seemann

    Born and raised in Vail, BCA pro athlete Corey Seemann is gaining a name for himself through his skiing exploits and contagious stoke. Corey checked in with BCA to talk about this past winter, and his summer jet boating, and waterskiing.

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