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  • BCA Float Airbag Save: Surviving an Avalanche that Totaled My Sled

    The morning started off a little rough with icy conditions and 8-10 inches of new, spring-like snow. Conditions were ‘Considerable’ with aspects of northwest, north, and northeast facing slopes being more dangerous. So we rode some fun drainages and trees. Then I saw a crack propagate in front of the ski. BCA Sled Ambassador Tony Jenkins reports.

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  • Deployed Avalanche Airbag Provides Air Pocket, Visual Marker for Buried Sledder

    A Minnesota man’s annual snowmobiling trip out west nearly cost him his life. Wade Anderson was riding at the base of a mountain in Wyoming when he got caught in an avalanche. He says he was buried in about three feet of snow and could not move. A pivotal purchase made just before the trip is the reason he is alive.

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  • Tracker Throwback: Powder Magazine Editor Rescues Partner in Japan “Pow Frenzy”

    The Naeba resort had received over three feet of new snow. It was a powder frenzy, stoked on adrenaline and the buzz of skiing untracked every run. Then, in the late afternoon, the group decided to ski a slightly different aspect — and triggered a loose snow avalanche leading to a full burial and avalanche rescue. They were only the second group to report a Tracker DTS save back in 2001, and their story is relevant today.

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  • #unepicadventures: Throttling Down Togwotee Pass: A Snowmobiler’s Guide to a High Avalanche Danger

    Being a good backcountry mountain snowmobiler means, among other things, that even though you’ve come all this way and spent all this time and money, and have all this gear; you have to be able to say no sometimes. A un-epic day when you and your riding buddies made the decision to turn around and not go there, is just as badass as any sick climb or epic line you do on the other days.

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