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  • Wild and Woolly: Riding New Zealand’s club “ski fields”

    When people think of classic skiing destinations with huge tradition, what’s the first country that comes to mind: Switzerland? Austria? I say “baaaah, humbug,” New Zealand is where it’s at.

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  • Chest or Pants? Where to Wear Your Avalanche Transceiver

    Earlier this season a skier on the Bugaboos to Roger Pass traverse took a ride in an avalanche. He pulled his airbag and was fortunately not buried. Early the next morning, he realized that his transceiver was missing. He had been carrying it in the side pocket of his ski pants–and the avalanche had ripped the pocket and the transceiver was never located.

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  • Sledders: Enter the 2018 Hay Days Giveaway

    THE BCA HAY DAYS GIVEAWAY IS BACK! Stop by our tent at Hays Days Sept 8-9, 2018 for free cylinder refills and to check out our entire MtnPro Collection of snowmobile gear. Enter for a chance to win a pair of BC Link Camo Radios, MSRP $299.90. CONTEST RULES – 2018 BCA HAY DAYS GIVEAWAY […]

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  • ISSW Survey: Under the Influence of Ski & Sled Action Movies

    BCA pro athlete Wiley Miller and KC Deane hit some extreme lines in Whistler country the 2018 ski action movie YLENOW. As part of our research for the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW), we’ve created this ISSW Survey to study the influence of big mountain ski & sled action movies on backcountry riders. We’re […]

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  • BCA Summer School is in Session: Take Quizzes, Win Prizes

    At BCA, we feel that there is no better way to spend these long summer months than brushing up on your snow and avalanche safety skills. That is why we have created the BCA ‘Backcountry Safety Summer School’, a course with three sets of quizzes each designed to help you brush up on your backcountry safety and avalanche rescue knowledge.

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  • #Sendandreturn: The Best Week Ever at Blanket Glacier Chalet

    Blanket Glacier Chalet hosts world-class trips involving an A-frame hut in the middle of Canada’s gnarliest mountains, excellent food, kegs of beer, ski touring gear and a world-class team. Corey Seeman reports on his best week ever.

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  • #Sendandreturn: How to Write a Backcountry Skiing Guidebook

    So, you want to write a backcountry skiing guidebook? Prolific backcountry skier and ‘Making Turns’ guidebook series author Fritz Sperry can show you how —- with the goal to always #sendandreturn.

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  • River of Uncertainty: Rafting and Skiing the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

    This past April, BCA pro athlete Martin Lentz rallied a crew to manifest a dream of skiing and rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and scoring some first descents in the Frank Church Wilderness.

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  • Two-Way Radios 2.0: How the Landscape is Changing

    Who would have ever thought that, in the era of smartphones, two-way radios would make a comeback? Learn what’s changing from BCA Electronics Category Director Toni Leskela.

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