#sendandreturn: Getting the Goods Without Getting Buried

June 5, 2014

BCA's #sendandreturn: The Safe Sledding Series - Episode 7 talks about how backcountry riders can "Get the Goods without Getting Buried."

BCA sled ambassadors Will Mook and Matt Schebaum of The Mountain Riding Lab (https://www.themountainridinglab.com) and pro skier Sam Schwartz review the basics for daily planning, avalanche safety gear selection, and terrain selection. All important components of a safe day out riding in the backcountry. Get out there. Get the goods. #sendandreturn GET THE GEAR: https://backcountryaccess.com

Watch all eight episodes of the Backcountry Access "Send and Return" avalanche safety series, featuring BCA ambassadors riding responsibly in the backcountry here: https://backcountryaccess.com/learn-avalanche-safety/videos-sendandreturn