Intro to Avalanche Beacon/Transceivers for Snowmobilers (Video)

June 5, 2013

BCA sled ambassador and avalanche safety educator Mike Duffy demonstrates the basic functions of an avalanche transceiver and specific precautions for snowmobilers.

In this Intro to Avalanche Transceivers for Snowmobilers video, Mike Duffy demonstrates the functions of an avalanche transceiver as well as precautions that snowmobilers should take in backcountry terrain.

After watching this video, check out our videos on how to do a transceiver trailhead test and advanced transceiver search techniques. We also have a series of videos on Trackers special functions, including Special Mode, Signal Suppression, and Big Picture. Watch our product videos for specifics on each Tracker avalanche transceiver model. For training videos about avoiding avalanches (the Backcountry Basics) and performing companion rescues, first aid, and evacuation, go to our Education page.