Avalanche Courses

February 15, 2021

Scroll down to find avalanche educators in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Argentina, and Chile.


American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education courses provide a complete program of avalanche education for students at all levels, from recreational to professional, and from novice to advanced. AIARE Level 1, 2, and 3 courses are taught nationwide and internationally. Find a course.


The American Avalanche Institute has been teaching avalanche courses for over 35 years. The curriculum teaches snow science and practical application. AAI courses are held in mountainous environments in the Tetons, Wasatch, Bridgers, and Madison Range of the Rocky Mountains. Find a course.


The Association of Regions and Autonomous Provinces Italian Alps (AINEVA), organizes a series of training courses on issues of Snow and Avalanche Research. Find a course.

APRENDICA Argentina & Chile

Here's everything you need to know about weather and avalanches in South America from APRENDICA Snow Safety, the first official provider of AIARE courses in Argentina and Chile. Since 2023, Aprendica is the first South American AAA course provider. Find a course.

AVALANCHE1 USA Sleducation

Avalanche 1 classes are taught from a snowmobilers perspective. You will learn techniques that work for snowmobilers by an avalanche instructor who has 20 years of mountain riding experience. You will learn how to avoid getting caught in avalanche situations that are inherent to snowmobiling.

Avalanche Canada

Canada is privileged to have some of the world's finest opportunities for winter backcountry exploration. A Companion Rescue Skills (CRS) course teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques to all backcountry recreationists. Avalanche Canada offers three levels. Find a course.

Elooa Europe

Elooa camps provide unique experiences to explore the mountains and learn from the pros. Certified coaches and guides help improve skills, and learn about avalanche basics. Find a course

The Mountain Riding Lab USA

The Mountain Riding Lab provides motorized specific avalanche education and skills training through accredited avalanche courses, awareness, and professional avalanche services.

Ride Rasmussen Style USA

Ride Rasmussen Style offers the ultimate in backcountry snowmobile adventures and instruction. Learn about the skills and safety techniques needed when riding in technical mountain terrain. Find a course.

SAAC Austria

SAAC stands for Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps and offers two-day-avalanche tuition for free. Find a course.

Ski-Doo Canada

By working with the organizations who provide avalanche reports and education to snowmobilers, Ski-Doos can help ensure riders always know where they can safely enjoy the snow and, most importantly, return home to do it all again the next day.

Snowhow Austria & Germany

Snowhow by Xhow offers free courses to young people and ski guests to learn about the alpine environment and the dangers of avalanches.

Syndicat National Des Guides De Montagne France

The SNGM is the governing organization for the National Ski and Mountaineering School and all matters relating to avalanche safety training. Find a course.

Evergreen Backcountry Guides Japan

Dave Enright and his professionals at Evergreen Backcountry Guides have been running professional Avalanche Safety Training Courses for Backcountry enthusiasts since 2000 in Japan. Evergreen provides the Avalanche Canada created AST 1 course coupled with the (CRS) Companion Rescue Skills course over a comprehensive 3 days as well as the AST 2 coupled with the (MATs) Managing Avalanche Terrain course over 5 days to provide you with an advanced snowpack analysis and route finding skills in the Japanese Northern Alps.