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  • What makes the best everyday backpack? Our cool, new BCA Urban Packs

    What makes the best everyday backpack? Well for starters, it needs to hold your computer, phone, keys, and other everyday items. Our new BCA Urban backpacks focus on the basics – designed to be the best everyday school backpack, the best everyday work backpack, and the best everyday commuter backpack.

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  • Smaller, Lighter Float Speed 2.0 Avalanche Airbag System is Here

    BCA’s Bruce Edgerly met with Jens Nyström at ISPO Munich 2017 to show why the new 17/18 BCA Float Speed avalanche airbags are the best choice for ski mountaineers and backcountry freestyle athletes.

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  • Gear Review: FrogzSkin BCA Radio Vent Kit Prevents Snow Clogs

    The FrogzSkin BCA Radio Vent Kit prevents wet snow from clogging the radio mic and speaker vents. Made of a flexible micro-fiber materials, it allows air-flow, while virtually eliminating snow and ice buildup on the underlying BC Link radio mic.

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  • High Gear: BCA Stash 20, 30, 40 Pack Review & Field Test

    Sizing has been the key to the BCA Stash series’ success: small days, small Stash 20 liter pack; medium days, medium Stash 30 liter pack; and large days, large Stash 40 liter pack. BCA ambassador Fritz Sperry reports.

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  • Shaxe Gear Review from Tall Boy Couloir

    Where better to test the BCA Shaxe than in East Hourglass Couloir in Grand Teton National Park, and then over in Tall Boy Couloir on the north side Teewinot, Mount Owen cirque. Mountain Weekly News Ryan Ariano reports.

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  • Freeskier Review: Backcountry Access BC Link Radio, Camo Style

    On a recent overnight trip in Colorado’s Holy Cross Wilderness—Donny O’Neill and crew found their BC Link Radios to be particularly useful. A spring storm was hovering and visibility was low. But their team of four was able to communicate back and forth, relaying to each other information about whether certain routes into the East Cross Creek drainage were safe and skiable.

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  • Freeskier Gear Review: Ski Mountaineering with the Stash 30 on James Peak, CO

    The East Face of James Peak is an extremely popular location for all forms of alpine mountaineering.  Photo: Rob Writz, Front Range Ski Mountaineering.  James Peak* is the namesake mountain of the James Peak Wilderness. This peak is not the highest point in the wilderness area, but it does occupy the prominent end of the ridge […]

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  • Shaxe Action: Spring into Ski Mountaineering Season with Lightweight Shovel/Ice Axe

    Ideal for ski mountaineering, the BCA Shaxe saves weight and space in your pack by eliminating the redundant shaft when carrying a separate ice axe. Watch video and read gear reviews to find out why the Shaxe avalanche shovel/ice axe is the ideal tool for both climbing guides and recreationists.

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  • Gear Review: What to Carry in Your Ski Pack This Winter

    Can’t wait to ski this season? Us too! In order to hit the backcountry when the first flakes fall, now is the time to get your gear ready. Following is a list of items our guides carry in their packs on an average day of ski touring.

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