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  • Stash 30™ Backpack

    BCA Stash 30™ Backpack black and crimson red

    The Stash 30  backpack is BCA’s most versatile pack for all-day charging. New this season in crimson red or blue black (choose color below).

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  • Freeskier Gear Review: Ski Mountaineering with the Stash 30 on James Peak, CO

    The East Face of James Peak is an extremely popular location for all forms of alpine mountaineering.  Photo: Rob Writz, Front Range Ski Mountaineering.  James Peak* is the namesake mountain of the James Peak Wilderness. This peak is not the highest point in the wilderness area, but it does occupy the prominent end of the ridge […]

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  • Freeskier Gear Review: BCA Stash 30™ Backpack Best of 2017

    What good is all the gear you’re getting for this season without the proper pack? No good at all. Make sure you’re transporting all of those valuables properly, whether it’s to and from the mountain, up and down the mountain or anywhere in between. Freeskier has selected the BCA Stash 30 backpack as one of its top packs of 2017.

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  • Stash 30 Black

    Stash 30
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  • Stash 30 Crimson

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  • High Gear: BCA Stash 20, 30, 40 Pack Review & Field Test

    Sizing has been the key to the BCA Stash series’ success: small days, small Stash 20 liter pack; medium days, medium Stash 30 liter pack; and large days, large Stash 40 liter pack. BCA ambassador Fritz Sperry reports.

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  • Stash 40™ Backpack

    BCA Stash 40™ Backpack red and black

    The Stash 40™ backpack is our pro/guiding/diehard pack for carrying a full arsenal of gear.  New this season in red.

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  • Stash 20™ Backpack

    BCA Stash 20™ Backpack in kingfisher blue and black

    The Stash 20 backpack is BCA’s in-bounds/out-of-bounds freeriding pack.  New this season in Graphite Gray or Kingfisher Green (choose color below).

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  • 15% Lighter: BCA 2019-20 Season Stash Backpacks Now in Stock

    BCA new line of 2019-20 season Stash backpacks are now in stock and 15%  lighter across the three models. We’ve done this by subtracting a few layers of fabric here and there, removing a few underutilized features, and optimizing the size of our webbing and buckles.

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