Walk the Plank with BCA Athlete Dave Treadway

Ready for some heavy steeps? Canuck BCA athlete Dave Treadway reports on a March 2016 photo shoot with Henrik Windstedt and the late Matilda Rapport at Stellar Heli in the Kootenay mountains of BC.

“This one big wall just caught my attention from the beginning, but took about three days to actually figure out if it was skiable,” says Treadway.

The area they were filming outside of Kaslo, BC was awesome.  It was all around this one wall that just pops out and looks like it jumped out from Alaska recalls Dave.  “It caught my attention from the beginning, but took about three days to figure out if it was actually skiable.”


Dave is no stranger to steep and exposed lines, but this was something special. “Just to get out to the start of my line, I had to essentially walk the plank, and it was straight down on either side of me.” The ‘plank’ was a wind loaded, narrow spine of snow, that took big mountain skier Dave Treadway over the edge and into the steeps.

Pretty rowdy skiing from a thirtysomething family man!

Later Dave adds, “When I made it to the tipping point where I could see my line, I was looking for an excuse not to ski it.”

WATCH VIDEO and download the edit here: https://vimeo.com/196248814.

Walk the Plank featuring Dave Treadway from Peak Performance on Vimeo.
Movie produced by Whiteout Pictures.

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Photo credits: Oskar Enander