#unepicadventures: Sled chatter with the Minot boys, in honor of Snowmobiling Safety Week

#unepicadventures: Levi Buechler of Minot, ND sleds big air.

In honor of International Snowmobiling Safety Week, January 21-29, 2017, Backcountry Access is sharing some Facebook chatter between a group of Minot, ND friends.  The Minot boys regularly hit the road for some snowmobiling and snowbiking #unepicadventures – properly stoked with BCA MtnPro protective and avalanche safety gear, of course.

The purpose of International Snowmobile Safety Week is to expose people to safe snowmobiling practices and to demonstrate how operating safely can prevent mishaps.

Earlier this season, BCA’s #unepicadventures survey post asked: Did you turn away from an objective because of un-safe snow conditions?

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Scott Braaten’s #unepicadventures.

‪Scott Braaten: Bahaha, which time? The last one in west Yellowstone when Jonathon Rued was with us I thought that was an all nighter. Another good one was back on the my chassis days John Schatz Jr. and Levi Buechler I followed a snobiken’ trail. Had it not been so steep and deep Levi and I would have brawled it out. He was so mad at me haha. I can still see Levi screaming down at me from up top. I think Josh Schatz was with on that one also. All in all it just goes to show how many great memories we have in them mountains!

‪Josh Schatz: yeah do remember, snowbike trail with about 20 minutes of daylight and 9 inexperienced riders following us because we knew the way. Classy.

  • take-friend-snowmobiling-week-7-Josh-Schatz-snowbike-940x940Jon Henderson leads in green coat.
  • take-friend-snowmobiling-week-8-Josh-Schatz-940x940Josh Schatz sleds in his zebra suit.

Scott Braaten: ‪Ohh those Canadians, I bet were crapping themselves. That was my first snowbike ride out of mountains in pitch darkness.
‪Levi Buechler: this is why I’m buying a snowbike.

‪Jonathon Rued: Anytime you’re following Scott and it looks like it might not have been a good idea…You can guarantee yourself that it was not a good idea.‪

Scott Braaten: Hey u settle down now. ‪

Levi Buechler: Lol I’ll never forget

Mike Little: “Hey follow me down this mountain” John Schatz Jr.


Mike Little: Oh man I was stuck!

Shane Williams: Like chuck.

Kurt Hauf: Stuck! Looks like you’re digging a basement!


Scott Braaten: Haha. Ya we call that 6 feet under. Hey Kurt you are making trips this winter right. U better at least make it on one!

Levi Buechler: Is that sled heavier on one side ?… Seems to be tipped over a lot !

Scott Braaten: I have to keep it on the right side to keep the exhaust plugged. Silber powered boost puts out to much horsepower

  • take-friend-snowmobiling-week-12-Mike-Little-Bambi-Trees-940x940 Mike Little: Bambi trees!
  • take-friend-snowmobiling-week-14-Lee-Hammer-940x940Lee Hammer, ready to ride.

Lee Hammer: Trees are traction!

Mike Little: Yes they are. I’ve been doing my fair share of tree knocking.

Scott Braaten: Where was that pic taken? Man that looks like a good time.

Snowmobiling is indeed, all about having a good time, and sled and mountain safety is more important than ever.

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), that unites all four snowmobile manufacturers: Arctic CatSki-Doo Snowmobiles by BRPPolaris Industries, and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, has developed these responsible snowmobiling and education programs: Safe Riders! and Backcountry Ascender.   All snowmobile associations, federations, clubs, affiliates, government administrators, and enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in these programs.

Safe Snowmobiling Means…Avalanche Avoidance with the Backcountry Basics:

  • Get the gear
  • Get the knowledge
  • Get the forecast
  • Get the big picture
  • Get out of harms’ way

Watch BCA’s Backcountry Basics video series, and Mike Duffy’s Sleducation video.


Josh Schatz – take a friend snowmobiling!

Safe Snowmobiling Means…Safe Riders!

  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during snowmobiling.
  • Become familiar with the snowmobile you ride.
  • Operate at safe and reasonable speeds.
  • Stay on trails and areas where snowmobiling is permitted.
  • Avoid travel on unfamiliar frozen bodies of water.
  • Using extra caution at night.
  • Keep your snowmobile properly maintained.
  • Become familiar with the terrain you will travel on.
  • Listen to the weather forecast before you leave.
  • Always wear a helmet and proper clothing.
  • Never ride alone, and always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Carry emergency supplies and learn avalanche safety and survival skills.

Download the International Snowmobile Safety Week Action Manual to use for your organization’s snowmobile safety campaign.  Take a friend snowmobiling, and have a great snowmobile season!


Cheers Scott, for starting the #unepicadventures chatter on Backcountry Access’ Facebook page.

Thanks to Scott Braaten, Josh Schatz, ‪Jonathon Rued, Levi Buechler, Mike Little, John Schatz Jr., Shane Williams, Jon Henderson, Kurt Hauf and Lee Hammer for sharing their #unepicadventures on Facebook with Backcountry Access.