Shaxe Action: Spring into Ski Mountaineering Season with Lightweight Shovel/Ice Axe

IFMGA guide Jediah Porter reporting in live from the Coyote’s Tooth outside of Silverton. Backcountry Access, Inc. Shaxe in hand.

Spring into the ski mountaineering season with some lightweight new BCA avalanche gear. Check out the BCA Shaxe shovel/ice axe combo gear models.

Shaxe Speed Avalanche Shovel/Ice Axe
Shaxe Tech Avalanche Shovel/Ice Axe

The BCA Shaxe makes a great addition to your spring/summer skiing arsenal.  Ideal for ski mountaineering, BCA designed the Shaxe to eliminate extra materials (and weight) from your touring pack by enabling the shaft to double as both a handle for a shovel and ice axe.

BCA’s Bruce Edgerly demonstrates the functionality of the Shaxe avalanche shovel/ice axe in this product video.  

Lighten Up with the Shaxe Speed

Staying prepared in the backcountry requires a lot of gear, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t shortcuts you can take to shave weight without sacrificing safety. The Backcountry Access Shaxe Speed features an interchangeable shovel blade and ice axe head, eliminating the need for a redundant shaft. This not only cuts down on weight, but also saves space for a more streamlined feel, too.

  • Shovel and ice axe combo that shaves weight and bulk in your pack
  • Interchangeable ice axe/shovel heads
  • Aluminum alloy construction for lightweight strength
  • Smooth blade for shaving snow pit walls
  • Holes for use as snow anchor or emergency sled

BCA freesking athlete Stu Edgerly deploys the Shaxe Speed on Colorado’s Mt. Arkansas.

Shaxe Tech, A Backcountry Multi-Tool.

BCA Shaxe Hardware Kits

BCA Shaxe Hardware Kits

Backcountry Access’ Shaxe Tech shovel/ice axe is a versatile tool for both ski mountaineering missions and powder touring.  The sturdy aluminum shaft can be equipped with either a shovel or stainless steel pick (both are included), and it can be used to build a rescue sled with any pair of skis that have skin holes in the tip, thanks to the included wing nuts and bolts (also included). The shovel blade is serrated to cut through solidified avy debris, and it is slotted so it can be used as a snow anchor when ski mountaineering—although, it’s not recommended to go rapping into a crevasse off it. The type 1 ice axe is suitable for general mountaineering (self-arresting and cutting steps) and has nine degrees of pick angle for a better feel when climbing steep slopes.

  • A shovel and ice axe combo for ski mountaineering
  • Serrated shovel cuts through hard avalanche debris
  • Stainless steel ice axe attaches to aluminum handle
  • Included hardware can be used to assemble a rescue sled

AMGA guide Geoff Schellens using the Shaxe Tech on Denali last spring.

The Shaxe Speed and Shaxe Tech avalanche shovels/ice axes are the ideal tool for both professional climbing guides and recreationists.