#Sendandreturn: The Best Week Ever at Blanket Glacier Chalet

By BCA pro athlete Corey Seemann

When I got the call from Lexi DuPont to go to the Blanket Glacier Chalet on a Backcountry Access/K2 ski trip with ‘The Myth, The Man, The LegendMarty Schaffer as our guide, I was nothing but hyped! I knew it was going to be the best week ever!

Blanket Glacier Chalet hosted a world-class trip involving flying into an A-frame hut in the middle of Canada’s gnarliest mountains. We were stoked for five days with two kegs, ski touring gear and a world-class team. I packed my bags and hit the road only to hope the Subaru would hold up while driving over treacherous Rogers Pass, BC (and wouldn’t blow another piston through the side of the block, like the last time).

18 hours later, I was in a helicopter ripping up to the infamous Blanket Glacier Chalet.

As we arrived, we found that it was ALL-TIME conditions. Nipp deep powder for days. The hype was real as we all skinned up and hit the slopes. Straight out of the chalet we set our eyes on phenomenal pillow lines for days. The 30-minute laps were made for crushing and the days seemed like minutes.

Every turn was deeper than the next, every beer was colder than the last, and every day was filled delicious meals–and a side of gummy bears. A true dream trip! I give it up to Marty’s family operation, which dates back to his parents running the catered, ski guided Blanket Glacier Chalet starting sometime in the 80s.

Marty and his Capow Guiding recently took over the chalet and indeed provides the absolute BEST week ever.

Want to drop off the face of the earth, with no outside connection, and a dream team of your choice?

Head out to the Blanket Glacier Chalet this season for a trip of a lifetime! Don’t miss it! #sendandreturn.