#sendandreturn: Dash Longe Film Revival

By Dash Longe

For athletes who have chosen to engage in capturing and representing their idea of what is possible through film, it is hard not to become quite attached to the footage they dedicate their lives to. For me it is a constant process, winter by winter, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to emerge so I can release my imagination upon the mountain. The work put into each shot can be quite extensive and hours upon hours are spent visualizing how the execution of a maneuver should look to a viewer and even how the shot should look on screen. For a creative perfectionist, it can be quite a draining experience when things don’t turn out the way they are envisioned. Once ideas are brought to actuality the feeling is unexplainably rewarding.

Dash Longe, Sammy Carlson and Jeremy Jones in TGR’s Under the Influence: The Full Movie.

For many of us in the snow sports world, it feels like the opportunity to make dreams come to fruition is limited to one short season. It is quite a claustrophobic feeling as we watch the calendar days flip by, knowing that our livelihood rides upon the success of our efforts. Aside from the the inevitable politics of sponsor dollars weighing in on the conscience of filmmakers and editors, our toil is at the mercy of nature and our own obsessive minds. It is easy to presume how ones performance is portrayed in the film, is all the audience is left to form their opinions.

BCA: Dash Longe takes avalanche safety seriously when he films with Teton Gravity Research, he always sends it big, and always returns. Watch him in action. #sendandreturn.

TGR: Dash Longe doesn’t go small. Ever. McNutt, Longe and Dane Tudor teamed up with North Cascade Heli to pull off some “super huge astronaut spins” in their 30,000-acre powder playground while filming for TGR’s new film, Tight Loose. While the above-alpine terrain presented Longe with some serious skiing, behind the lines he is notably less so. You might know Longe for his big airs, but behind the scenes he has a larger personality. Beyond his otherworldly features, half the fun of the trip was hearing whatever the hell Longe thinks up to say next. Watch Longe “sausage beam” off that “flank steak” in this episode of Behind the Line.

Dash: During the winter of 2015 while filming for TGR’s Paradise Waits, I had the unfamiliar circumstance of having to leave a pregnant wife behind while I attempted, once again, to make my masterpiece. In the middle of the winter, our baby came and I found myself leaving ten days later to fulfill the all consuming fixation I have of representing my dreams on film. I spent a total of five weeks away from my wife and newborn baby that spring. Although I understand the dilemmas our producers and editors face, as a sensitive and slightly disturbed artist, a new father, and dedicated lifer to my skis, my subsistence felt threatened when I saw how little footage was used in the final cut of the film. To me, this compilation of recorded ski footage is an attempt to revive the fantasy that was my goal two winters ago.

Dash Longe shreds the Chugash in TGR’s The Dream Factory.