#sendandreturn: BCA Rides Bariloche’s Biggest Powder Day of the Year

Edge and Stu stoked on Bariloche’s powder and lake views.

Yesterday was one of Bariloche’s bigger powder day in years at Cerro Catedral, Argentina. Team BCA’s Bruce and Stu Edgerly hit primo snow conditions while out with BCA ambassador Miles Clark of Snowbrains, his fun and ripping girlfriend Aimee Doran and her studly 70-year-old dad, Jim.  The ski day featured some southern hemi face shots, sunshine, some stiff Patagonia-style wind, some fat air and spectacular views of Bariloche’s iconic lake, Laguna Nahuel Huapi.

“I just want you guys to know right now that you’re jerks,” Miles chuckled, claiming they’d just scored the biggest powder day of the year in Bariloche–and on their first day in town.

Stu (Stu-S-A) Edgerly tests the Coriolis Effect deep in the southern hemisphere. Photo: snowbrains

Epic Bariloche tree skiing video: snowbrains

Powder day tree lines like the one shown here only happen one or two days per season. We hit it just right yesterday morning before the sun and Patagonia wind got to it.

Riding the goods at first opening. Photo: snowbrains

Laguna chute in the Bariloche side country, at last light. photo: snowbrains

They got in two hiking laps on Nubes, which was wind-buffed and fun as well as one lap in La Laguna, which was OK, but kind of wind pressed, punchy and weird.

Stu-S-A scores his first run in three months, immediately upon arrival in Bariloche. photo: snowbrains

Two big snowstorms are forecasted for Bariloche in the next six days from August 10-16, 2017. Edge and Stu will head for Antillanca, Chile, which is expected to get even more (possibly in the form of rain…)

Cerro Catedral, Bariloche weather summary.  Image: catedral, tomorrow

Current avalanche danger – riesgo de avalancheas – in and around Bariloche is ‘Considerable,’ so don’t forget your backcountry safety gearFloat avalanche airbags, Tracker beacons, and avalanche probes and shovels.

Cerro Catedral, Bariloche snow forecast.  Image: snow-forecast.com, tomorrow


Militares refugio de Bariloche. Photo: snowbrains

Skiing the Nubes above the Haunted House in Bariloche. Photo: snowbrains

Bariloche islands and snow. Photo: snowbrains

Fresh tracks on Avalancha run yesterday in Bariloche. Photo: snowbrains

Moody morning yesterday as the sun rise over the chairlifts at Cerro Catedral in Bariloche. Photo: snowbrains

Buenos dias from Stu-S-A and Edge, Bariloche, Argentina. Photo: snowbrains