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Stash 30™ Backpack

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The Stash 30  backpack is BCA’s most versatile pack for all-day charging. New this season in crimson red or blue black (choose color below).


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The Backcountry Access Stash 30 backpack has more features, fit adjustment, and equipment carrying options than ever before. With 30 liters of packable space, the Stash 30pack is ready to take on any objective and adventure you throw at it. With a comfortable fit, this backpack is a versatile option for your mountain activities. The BCA Stash 30 backpack comes with our freezeproof stash hydration sleeve, “mudroom” for the Backcountry Access snow safety tools to reside in, and integration with our BC Link™ radios.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

1,830 cubic inches / 30 liters


3.0 lb / 1,342 g


210 denier rip-stop nylon
420 denier oxford nylon


Torso size 18” – 21” / 45.7 – 53.3 cm


Blue/Black, Crimson


3 Year

13 reviews for Stash 30™ Backpack

  1. OutdoorProLink Team

    The best outdoor gear is designed by people who use it, and when it comes to the Backcountry Access Stash 30 backpack, it’s clear that the BCA designers knew exactly what backcountry skiers wanted most in a ski pack. This fully-featured pack is designed with functionality in mind, and because it has so many features, it’s 30-liter capacity seems to hold much more than packs of comparable size.

  2. Alli

    It’s clear that the BCA Stash 30 was designed with function in mind, and to that end, it excels! It’s a highly featured pack with a nice, big tool pocket, and hip belt pockets for quick-access to essentials. It holds a lot for a 30-liter pack. Love the fleece-lined goggle pocket as well. My only critique of the BCA Stash 30 is that the fit feels a bit boxy on me, and the body of the pack, when it’s filled with standard day-touring gear, sits a little lower on my back than other packs I use. As a result, my upper back gets a bit more stiff and sore using it on an all-day mission. I will point out, however, that the pack is highly adjustable. Fit is so personal, though! My upper body is a bit on the petite side and others (and other body types) may have a different experience.

  3. The Strategist

    Since splitboarding typically takes you away from resorts, you have to carry your own amenities with you. Bags are great for storing your layers, food, water, and safety equipment. The BCA Stash 30 has winter-sport-specific features, like a freeze-proof hydration sleeve and plenty of places to stash unused poles.

  4. Sophia

    This backpack has all the features anyone could want in a backcountry ski pack. I love that you can unzip the whole back panel and have easy access to the things you stuffed in the bottom of your pack. It also has an easy to use ski carry system, and fleece lined goggle pocket. This pack has been my go to for ski touring missions.

  5. Kamran

    The Stash 30 was a perfect resort pack and worked well on the lifts. Held everything I had and then some. Like the Hydration strap and radio strap. Worked easily with detachable Camelback bladders but a covered bite valve could be worked through with some jiggling.

  6. Orrin Googins

    I have had my BCA Stash 30 Pack for 3 years now. These packs are bulletproof!!! I have had over 200 days in the backcountry skiing or hiking with this pack. Over those 3 years I have had a chance to test every feature on this pack, and every single one of them worked exactly as advertised. THERE IS NO BETTER VALUE OUT THERE FOR A HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL, PREMIUM QUALITY, BACKCOUNTRY SKIING PACK ON THE MARKET. These packs truly do it all. If my current BCA Stash 30 Pack ever fails, I will immediately be purchasing another BCA Stash Pack. BCA has earned my business for the foreseeable future!

    • Emilie Kelly


  7. Sophia Rouches

    This backpack has all the features anyone could want in a backcountry ski pack. I love that you can unzip the whole back panel and have easy access to the things you stuffed in the bottom of your pack. It also has an easy to use ski carry system, and fleece lined goggle pocket. This pack has been my go to for ski touring missions.

  8. Grifen Moller

    I used this backpack everyday on the resort and in the backcountry. It has enough room to store everything you’d need for an all day skin, snowmobile ride, or for a sack lunch on the resort. This pack also has an amazing hydration pocket to keep a water bladder for constant hydration. The front opening pocket makes this pack super easy to get into and take gear out of the pack without ruining your strategic gear placement. This pack is very light and waterproof making it very comfortable and unnoticeable while keeping your extra layers/goggles dry on the inside. Overall I relied heavily on the Stash 30 for my everyday backpack and I am stoked that I can take anywhere..

  9. Donny O’Neill, Freeskier Senior Editor

    The biggest pro I found with regards to the Stash 30 was its weight. I had been relying upon a 35-liter pack on my previous few tours, and the Stash 30 felt worlds lighter—far more so than cutting a mere five liters from the capacity should feel. While the Stash 30’s claimed weight of 3.7 pounds is fairly comparable to other packs in its category—and my experience with a heavier 35 liter pack just the week before certainly played a role—I never felt burdened by the weight on my shoulders throughout the seven mile round trip tour. Even with my avalanche tools, food, two liters of water, extra goggles, extra gloves and my helmet, I felt light and nimble throughout the almost 3,000 feet of vertical ascension. The Stash 30 also features a useful height-adjustable waist belt with three labeled sizes: small, medium and large. A strip of velcro attaches the hip belt to the pack’s back panel, which allows it to be moved up (towards the small position) or down (towards the large) without having to take the pack off. During steeper portions of the climb, specifically the final 1,000 vertical feet, I adjusted the belt to the medium position from large, so that it sat farther up on my waist and butt. This allowed my hips a bit of breathing room which resulted in comfortable (tell that to my lungs) kick-turns and a pleasant skin to the top. After we reached the summit of James Peak and transitioned for the descent, I put it back in the large position, which I prefer on the downhill. On top of those features, the Stash 30 has everything you could want in a go-to, everyday backcountry pack: top and back panel access, dedicated avalanche tool pocket, vertical, diagonal and A-frame ski carry systems, dual ice axe carry, BC Link radio integration, compression straps, insulated shoulder strap, etc.

  10. Clayton

    I love this pack. It’s just the right size and has all of the pockets & straps I need to keep things organized. I’m a big fan of the back panel entry, which is how I open the pack all the time while skiing. It carries well, seems very durable and resists water absorption due to the outer material. Very happy with another great BCA product.

  11. Mark

    Been using this pack daily and really like it. Has a good balance of features without unnecessary additions. It fits well and I feel like my back is nicely protected while riding. The tool pocket is well sized and organized, other pockets are just right for storing the essentials. The bc-link strap/shoulder strap has worked well for a Motorola with remote mic. Overall it seems really well made and maybe the best feature is the back panel access which easily opens up the entire main compartment and is accessible while you have skis/board attached.

  12. Nancy Bouchard

    This pack withstood everything from cliff drops to sharp ski edges. – See more at:

    Durability: If you carry skis or a board a lot, you know how quickly some tough-looking packs can fall apart. Not this one. Sturdy straps attach with metal hooks, and tough hypalon rubber fortifies the webbing attachment points on the BCA Stash. “My skis never tore the material, even after months of use in the Jackson Hole backcountry,” a tester says.

    Adjustability: A swath of Velcro secures the hip belt to the back panel for easy repositioning without taking the pack off. “I like the on-the-fly adjustment that lets me quickly position the hip belt higher on my lumbar for steep uphill skins or lower on my iliac crest for the downhills,” said a tester after toting 25 pounds on rolling Wyoming terrain. 30 liters.

  13. The Editors at Freeskier

    What good is all the gear you’re getting for this season without the proper pack? No good at all. Make sure you’re transporting all of those valuables properly, whether it’s to and from the mountain, up and down the mountain or anywhere in between. The BCA Stash 30 is one of our top choices for 2017. Backcountry Access revamped its Stash series of backpacks for 2016-17, employing a combo of tough nylon and hypalon, a material that’s both durable and water resistant. With a 30-liter storage capacity, this back-panel-access pack has enough room to stow everything from your backcountry essentials to extra layering, lunch and a hydration system. Hip belt pockets add to its storage capacity and an adjustable waist belt accommodates a variety of torso sizes. Compression straps help it cinch down tight without blocking any pockets, too. Rely on the Stash 30 for those long days in the wilderness. – See more at:

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