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Slope Meter

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The BCA lightweight inclinometer with a pocket-friendly design to read the slope angles and keep you informed on avalanche conditions.



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The BCA Slope Meter is a lightweight multi-use tool for your pack. Designed with an inclinometer and a built-in compass to measure slope angle and aspect, this appliance is pocket-friendly and easy to carry with a lanyard attachment point. This Backcountry Access product has a metal ball inside a liquid-filled tube that measures the slopes angle when placed perpendicular to the snow. With an angle range of zero to sixty degrees, you can test to see if a slope is too steep and avalanche prone. Stabilizing quickly for fast reading, this product is essential for a safe backcountry experience. Flip the meter over and you can use the sharp edges to remove excess snow from your skins.

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Built-in compass Lanyard attachment point.
Pocket-friendly design.
Sharp edges for scraping debris off climbing skins.


0-60 degree angle.


1.1 ounces / 30 g

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  1. Powder Magazine Editors

    You’re less likely to use the compass part of this tool, unless shit is really hitting the fan. But the inclinometer might save your butt when avalanche conditions are tricky. For several years I walked around and tried to train my eye while looking at slope angles and measuring them (human-triggered avalanches occur mostly on 35-45 degree slopes), it was a fun game while touring. It stays on my belt loop whenever I’m second-guessing how steep a slope is, and is particularly handy when I’m in new locations.

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