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Dealer Float Refill Center Kit


Turn your scuba tank refill center into a Float avalanche airbag cylinder refill machine. DIN and BAR attachments for easy refills in North America and Europe.





The Float Refill Center Kit includes the accessories a shop needs to provide air cylinder refills for your customers. Additional items required for refill center setup, not sold by BCA, include two or more 3000psi or 3500psi compressed air SCUBA tanks.


  • SCUBA-to-paintball adapter with DIN and bar attachments
  • Specific for North America scuba tanks
  • 20 valve stem O-rings
  • Dental pick tool
  • Allen wrench hex head tool
  • High vacuum grease
  • BCA Float refill center window cling

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1.3 pounds / 20.8 ounces / 590 grams


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