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BC Link™ Two-Way Radio 2.0

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The BC Link™ Two-Way Radio 2.0 will maximize your line—and maximize your safety–now with twice the power. NOTE: Only approved for use in North America.



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The BC Link™ Two-Way Radio 2.0 is our next generation radio with 2 Watts of power for increased usable range. Smart Mic grill is impervious to packing with snow. On/off/channel selection dial switch is protected from inadvertent channel changing.  Comes with long-lasting built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, durable cord/base unit, and new battery percentage power display. Integrates into all Float avalanche airbag and Stash backpacks.

Find separated friends, communicate plans, stick your line and share observations in real-time with the BC Link group communication system. The Smart Mic user interface is located at your fingertips: to change settings, no need to dig the radio from your pack. Battery lasts for several days without recharging, even in cold temps. The Link 2.0 improves on our current system, with more power, more durability, and more weather resistance.

Charging the BC Link Radio 2.0 battery

For operating information, please download and read the BC Link Radio 2.0 Manual.  To charge the integrated battery on the BC Link 2.0 , attach the micro-USB cable to the micro-USB port in the battery. (You can use any powered USB port to recharge but use of the recharger provided with the package is recommended.) TO VIEW THE BATTERY PERCENTAGE LEVEL, press the up and down arrows on your radio simultaneously. The battery charge level will be shown in percentage in the lower right corner or the radio display window. You may also view the battery power icon in the upper left on your radio.

BC Link Radios Manuals & Resources

BC Link 2.0 Radio Group Communications Video

Note: Use of BC Link radios is not advised when riding the 2016 Polaris Axys. Electromagnetic noise from this model can create excessive static which can adversely affect communications.

Additional information


Includes option for pre-set channel selections. Glove-friendly controls, optimized for easy handling. Smart Mic Unit provides push-to-talk button, on/off switch, volume control, battery indicator, loudspeaker, channel selection, and an earphone jack.


12 oz. / 340 g

Smart Mic Dimensions

3.5 x 2.1 x 1.5 (in) / 9.0 x 5.4 x 4.0 cm

Base Unit Dimensions

2.1 x 1.0 x 1.9 (in) / 5.5 x 2.7 x 5.0 cm

Base Unit

Rechargeable lithium ion battery Optional channel preset selections Compatible with all standard FRS/GMRS radios Waterproof to IP56 standards 110-Volt charger adapter connects to mini USB port on base unit


22 FRS GMRS channels + 121 sub-channels ensures minimal interference


2 Watt (FRS) conforming to new FCC rules
0.5 Watt (FRS)

Useable Range

Approx 6 mi / 9.5 km line of sight

Maximum Range

Approx 40 mi / 64 km line of sight


Integrated 2300mAh lithium ion battery
(Built-in – Non removeable)

Battery Life

Battery life: up to 40 hours in standby mode


3 year



13 reviews for BC Link™ Two-Way Radio 2.0

  1. Brent Rose

    This lets members of your group alert each other for hazards, find each other if they get separated, and quickly communicate with rescue workers should the situation require it. The BC Link Two-Way radio has a lot of power (2 watts for longer range), is easy to use, and is about as snow-proof as it gets.

  2. Aaron Hertz- AMGA Ski Guide

    An essential piece of gear! Have a few two-way radios in every touring group. Communication can be tough in the backcountry and often we don’t have cell service. Radios can go a long way toward keeping everyone safe. At Central Oregon Avalanche Association, we use BC Link 2.0 2-way radios because they’re easy to program, durable, and have a long battery life.

  3. Beau Bishop

    Amazing way to stay safe and communicate quickly. Highly recommend.

  4. Fran

    When you need to communicate in the mountains you need something dependable! BCA has created great radios. They work well but treat them well and keep them charged so your prepared when you need them.

  5. APollski

    I used to have the first edition of this radio. Now having upgraded to the 2.0 I will never go back. The new and improved connection system is amazing and the whole system is lighter. This is the perfect radio for hunting guides, river guides, ski coaches, and athletes. If you want to stay in contact with your friends in the backcountry. This is your solution.

  6. Isaac

    This is the highest quality radio you can get for consumer use, literally been using it all the time and it still looks new. Great to have on backcountry missions when the group gets too far apart to communicate by yelling. It also has weather channels built in just in case you need to stay updated on weather. Also, the mic is plenty loud and has a dial for switching to preset channels which is perfect for when the channel you’re on is busy and need to have your group switch channels. Everyone can just move to a different preset. You usually can’t hear people through a mountain, nor can you with any radio I’ve tried, but as long as you’re in the same drainage/valley I havn’t had any issues.

  7. Tino V

    I have been using the Link radios for a number of years. I like the remote mic which allows for easy radio communication while the radio is tucked out of the way in a pocket or, better, in the integrated radio sleeve in a BCA pack. This new version is even better with increased power and range – reception and range is noticeably better in the 2.0. Great for talking amongst groups in the field, setting up photos, sharing snow observations, calling for help. Add these radios into your communication and emergency plan.

  8. Tim

    I’ve been using these splitboarding in the backcountry and I can’t tell you how much they’ve improved my experience as well as the rest of the group. They are easy to use, powerful in range, lightweight, and I like how you barely realize you have it on. I’ve been able to ride better snow and more fun terrain with having such good communication with my group as we can share bets on our observations from different viewpoints of the terrain. They’ve also helped keep in touch if someone has a mechanical issue and needs some help. I’ve never needed them for any dangerous situations but it’s nice to know they’re on us in case we do.

  9. Weston Deutschlander

    Total game change. Don’t leave home with out one- summer and winter. So useful. I have had much better luck with the 2.0 than I did with the 1.0

  10. Doug

    Not only do I love these radios but the company is great. I had a issue with one of my radios almost 2 years after purchase and they replaced it for me extremely quick.

    I will for sure purchase more of their stuff.

  11. Steve

    These are awesome, bought a set for my son and me, for backcountry travel. Exceptional clear voice Xmit and excellent range, very rugged construction. After reading a review on the older model regarding the remote control I went with the later model. BCA addressed all the issues regarding mic coming loose, controls getting accidentally changed, awkward Xmit buttun, etc. nice to find a manufacture that listens to their customers.

  12. Troy

    I replaced my original BCA radio with this new 2.0 version, I find it has better range and the mic is laid out nicer, and you don’t accidentally switch channels or turn down the volume like the old version.

  13. Joseph Burt

    Very user friendly and unbelievably good range. Did a 53km conversation today as the bird flies. Very impressive. The new mic doesn’t freeze like the first generation.

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