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A-2 EXT Avalanche Shovel System with Saw

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This Backcountry Access shovel will keep you locked and loaded for safety with a saw that is a part of the snow shovel. Now you can dig and cut simultaneously for protection while in avalanche terrain.



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With a 28 cm snow saw capable of cutting wood, the A-2 EXT avalanche shovel system with saw is prepared for whatever task comes along during your backcountry travels. Once the saw is deployed the shovel is still fully functional. Cuts both wood and snow like they’re butter!

Avalanche Shovel Features

  • Integrated snow saw in shovel shaft.
  • The 6061 aluminum BCA Bomber shovels feature an oval shaft with a more packable, bombproof, “ferrule-less” blade, ergonomic grip, and T6 heat treatment.
  • Includes an end cap on the shaft, which prevents snow from building up along the inside.

Avalanche Shovel Resources

A-2 EXT Avalanche Shovel System with Saw Video

Additional information


1.9 lb / 880 g

Blade Dimensions

10 in x 11 in / 25.4 cm x 27.9 cm

Handle & Shaft Collapsed Length

17 in / 43 cm

Handle & Shaft Extended Length

23.5 in / 60 cm

Assembled Collapsed Length

25 in / 64 cm

Assembled Extended Length

30.5 in / 77 cm

Saw Blade Length

11.5 in / 29 cm

Saw Total Length

16.25 in / 41 cm

Blade/Shaft Material

6061 T6 Aluminum

15 reviews for A-2 EXT Avalanche Shovel System with Saw

  1. John Ware

    This is by far the most effective shovel i have used. The blade is big enough to move snow fast and is great for building jumps in the backcountry. The saw blade is plenty strong to use for cutting down branches to make shelter or clear a path. Super light weight without the saw in the handle. I would reccomend this for anyone who gets in the backcountry for saftey as well as building!

  2. Tyler Davis

    This is a great item. I actually got it primarily for camping (firepit digging, and cutting firewood with the saw) as I use the arsenal with the probe for backcountry. That being said, it’s great to know that I now have a spare shovel to take in the pow should the worst case happen.

  3. Shua

    The saw is a nice extra. I have used this shovel saw combo many times to dig my snowmobile out and remove debris from the trails. The shovel is very sturdy.

  4. Grete E

    This shovel is part of my everyday backcountry pack. It’s strong and easy to put together, but is very light. Therefore, I can still feel like myself when I am skiing and not worry about pack weight when I am throwing tricks here and there.

  5. Rich Wheeler

    A snow saw might not be something you’ll use everyday, but when your out there and do need one, whipping one out of your shovel is probably the most convenient thing ever, plus it’s pretty badass to whip something right out your handle and start hacking away at a branch or cutting snow into bricks. Can’t say its the lightest shovel in the world, but I’m not one to count ounces, so overall this thing gets the job done in all the right ways for me.

  6. JB Graham

    Was looking for a snow saw case, and found this setup! I’ve always owned a BCA shovel, but stoked that this one comes with a snow saw built in for those times you might want to really asses conditions or are teaching someone new.

  7. Riley Leboe

    Great backcountry shovel with saw included. Saw comes in really handy for lots of purposes from digging snow pits, cutting branches, starting lunch break fires, etc. My go to shovel for sled skiing.

  8. Erik Hilb

    perfect for when i want a saw with me but my 35cm is too long to fit in my bag. Strong teeth to get through wood, rope, etc. while still doing a great job isolating pits and slicing through any icy layers in the snowpack.

  9. Benny Schmitt

    Great compact shovel that is capable of moving a lot of snow in a short amount of time. The extendable T handle gives you great grip and a lot of leverage. The blade size is versatile and does a great job at digging sleds out quickly, shaping jumps, building seats around a backcountry fire during your #unepicadventures. The saw is sharp and compact. Great for snow analysis, and well, anything you might need a saw for. The assembly is quick and it integrates into my stash pack very nicely. My go to for a lot of applications.

  10. Erika P

    Bought this for my boyfriend and this is what he said: BCA shovel has a strong feel when cutting into snow despite the conditions. Small profile helps it to stow away easily for descents.

  11. Tyler T

    This shovel is awesome. Compact when stored, nice long handle when extended. It even has a snow saw that stores in the handle and shaft which is a really cool feature.

  12. Jack Carroll

    This shovel stays in my pack all winter. It doesn’t take up too much room, and the saw in the handle saves even more room. The handle extends nicely and is super sturdy when digging.

  13. lauren f

    I bought this shovel for backcountry ski touring. It fits well in my 30L Patagonia Ski Pack when you remove the shaft from the head of the shovel. There is a saw in the shaft that you can also take out if you want to lessen the weight. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Would recommend!

  14. Jack Carroll

    This shovel stays in my pack all winter. It doesn’t take up too much room, and the saw in the handle saves even more room. The handle extends nicely and is super sturdy when digging.

  15. Beau Bishop

    Amazing shovel. The saw in it has helped me a lot. Highly recommend.

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