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2 Meter Ruler


The practical Backcountry Access snow safety tool that will allow you to make easy measurements for the depth and column of your snow pit.



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The 2 Meter ruler made from fiberglass allows you to accurately measure the columns and depths of your snow pit. It conveniently folds up to save room in your pack and is built to last. The compact product expands to two meters, an ideal length for snow measurements. The ruler weight is only 130g due to the sturdy yet lightweight fiberglass composition. Stay safe and prevent an avalanche accident by monitoring the snowpack with this snow safety tool.

BCA designed it’s snow study tools in conjunction with North America’s most experienced avalanche educators. BCA snow study tools allow you to gather all of the data you need, without breaking the bank.

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Extended: 2 m / 2000 cm
Collapsed: 9.1 in / 23.1 cm


4.6 ounces / 130 g


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