Pro Snowboarder Saved by Float Avalanche Airbag

Tyler Malay and the crew over at Work Horse Collective collected the video footage.

Exciting news- we have another confirmed airbag save, this time coming out of our own backyard near Montezuma, Colorado.

Meesh Hytner, a pro snowboarder, was riding near the Snake River drainage on January 25th and triggered a substantial (R2D2+) avalanche that took her tumbling to the valley floor below. She was able to deploy her Float avalanche airbag shortly after the crown broke, allowing her to remain on the surface of the giant slab as it broke out above her.

We had a chance to catch Meesh’s story firsthand when she dropped by the BCA booth at SIA. “I felt like I was riding a mattress down the stairs,” she said. Luckily, Meesh was able to remain upright with her back and feet downhill for the entirety of the slide.

The avalanche danger for the Vail-Summit zone was considerable that day on all aspects and elevations, with human-triggered avalanches likely. Meesh and company had snowmobiled up to snowboard the northeast faces, some of which had already slid. She was very lucky to have survived unscathed. “Thank you” she told us, “the BCA Float saved my life. It’s proof that this product works.”

  • BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-2-300x300BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-7-300x300

  • BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-4-300x300BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-6-300x300

  • BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-5-300x300 BCA-Float-Avalanche-Airbag-Deployment-Snake-River-CO-3-300x300

All photos: Ben Koelker Photo.