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  • #unepicadventures: Carter Snow, Smugglers Notch, VT

    “There was a very distinct change in the snow as we moved into this new area, much more wind affected and punchy than what we experienced up higher,” said BCA athlete Carter Snow.

    During the Carter and friends were filming with Ski The East in the backcountry outside of Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont. This area, referred to as “The Notch” is home to some of Vermont’s best and most unique terrain.

    “We broke into two small groups, Noah Ranallo and I stopped at the first feature with our filmer, while Dylan Dipentima and Dominic Castine went just out of sight to line up some more shots. Noah and I waited for our filmer to set up the shots and skied our lines. When we were both at the bottom, ready to traverse over and see what Dylan and Dom had lined up, we heard what we thought were some stoked hoots and hollars. As we rounded the corner, we quickly realized we had not heard stoke. We were greeted by a 1.5-2ft deep crown that stretched 80-90 feet through the widely spaced trees. Dylan and Dom, both unhurt and a bit mind-blown, stood 70 feet below in between some sizable waist-high snow boulders where the slide ran out into the flats just before the closed road.”

    Read Carter Snow’s story: #unepicadventures: East Coast Slides and Waist-High Snow Boulders.

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