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Backcountry Access (BCA) is North America’s leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including Tracker transceivers, Float airbags, shovels, probes, and BC Link radios. BCA’s mission is to save lives, not just sell products. BCA has always considered education to be just as important as the gear it makes. That’s why BCA supports avalanche education programs and forecast centers--and why the company backs up all its products with consumer education and knowledgeable customer service.

  • Richard Merritt – Alpine WY Yamaha Sled Avalanche Airbag Save (Video)

    When BCA first jumped in bed with Yamaha Motor Corp., we had no idea how “close to home” it would become. Yamaha product planner (buyer), Robert Orr, was involved in an avalanche near Alpine, Wyoming last winter where one of these Float airbags clearly saved the life of one of his riding partners, snowmobile guide Richard Merritt.

    Richard reports, “As soon I turned to the right to start my loop, I noticed that the snow was breaking free, and within seconds I was pointed down hill moving with the avalanche right back down the chute. My first thought was ‘GO GO GO’, so I punched the throttle and my sled went a few feet. The avalanche spun my sled out from under me, so I grabbed my BCA Float trigger handle and pulled. I couldn’t even hear if the bag went off, the avalanche was so loud.”

    Watch his GoPro POV video and read his full incident report here. Join Merritt for a guided tour with Lincoln County Customs Backcountry Snowmobile Tours in Wyoming.

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