Learn Avalanche Safety

Backcountry Access (BCA) is North America’s leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including Tracker transceivers, Float airbags, shovels, probes, and BC Link radios. BCA’s mission is to save lives, not just sell products. BCA has always considered education to be just as important as the gear it makes. That’s why BCA supports avalanche education programs and forecast centers--and why the company backs up all its products with consumer education and knowledgeable customer service.

  • BCA Podcast Episode 3: Get the Forecast

    In this podcast, BCA ambassador Lel Tone talks about how to get the weather and avalanche forecast from your local avalanche forecast center, how to interpret the avalanche danger scale and “avalanche problem” of the day, and how to plan your day accordingly.

    Click the red play button at right to listen, or download the Backcountry Basics Part 3: Get the Forecast podcast to listen to while on the road to your mountain destination. Our BCA Avalanche Safety Podcasts will remind you to keep avalanche safety always top of mind.

    Remember, this podcast is no substitute for an avalanche class. For a worldwide listing of avalanche course providers—and more of our educational videos and research, check out backcountryaccess.com/education.

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