New Tracker3 Software: Easier to Use, Diagnostics Self-Testing, and No More “Super Mario”

BCA is pleased to announce the release of a new software package for our Tracker3 avalanche transceiver. The new software version not only improves T3 performance, but enables you to test the performance of your T3 using a personal computer. And if you didn’t like the cute “Super Mario” sounds your T3 was making, you’re in luck: Tracker3’s new audible sounds in search mode are more “serious,” like our Tracker2.

This is the first consumer-upgradeable software package in the industry, meaning it can be downloaded from a PC rather than bringing the transceiver to a dedicated retail service center.

The version 3.3 software offers the following upgrades:

  • Electronic diagnostics to test the calibration, power consumption, and tuning of your Tracker3—especially valuable for fleet owners documenting their fleet inspection programs.
  • Enhanced range for signal suppression: increased consistency of signal suppression when the next-strongest signal is greater than 20 meters away.
  • Buffered Big Picture mode, enabling the user to more easily discern the distance and direction of each signal as they are shown in the display in Big Picture mode.
  • Traditional sound package, using the same audible effects as Tracker2 when displaying distance and direction.

Please note that you must download and install the program first before using any of the features above can be activated.


Sample T3 Self-Diagnostic Report.

Version 3.3 can be downloaded by going to and following the instructions for downloading the Tracker3 Utility. You will need a mini-USB cable that extends from the USB port on your personal computer to the mini-USB port inside the T3 battery compartment.

The download can only be performed using PC-compatible desktop and laptop computers, not Apple devices. It works with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

For questions, please contact BCA Customer Service at info@ or (303)417-1345, x2.