55 Peaks, 109 Routes: Making Turns Guidebook, Volume 2 by Fritz Sperry

Making Turns guidebook cover illustration by Fritz Sperry – Design by Allison Seymour/GravityGirlGraphics.com.

Prolific backcountry author and artist Fritz Sperry has published another guidebook, this one describing ski tours in Colorado’s Front Range, north of Interstate 70.  Fritz provides lots of useful terrain selection and route detail that’s sure to get you backcountry skiing more creative lines this season.

Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range, Volume 2, North of Interstate 70, including the Indian Peaks, covers routes from I-70 to Ogalalla Peak, to the southern boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • 55 peaks – 109 routes
  • 300+ color photos & maps
  • Loveland, Eldora & Winter Park Ski Area Backcountry
  • Berthoud & Jones Pass Routes
  • Boulder, Clear Creek, Larimer, Grand & Summit Counties
  • Spring Ski Mountaineering and Winter Backcountry

Check out some of this guidebook’s content and photos below, and click to order the book here Giterdun Publishing.  (We especially love the section on marijuana, where he suggests sativa over indica, to better achieve that “flow state.”)

Visit Fritz Sperry’s blog MakingTurns.com to get a more detailed look at the some of the trips featured in his book.

Lone Eagle Peak and zone offers steep skiing aplenty. From the Fair Glacier to Hopi’s Kiva Ramp there are plenty of options for those willing to endure the approach. These peaks offer a sense of grandeur not found too often in Colorado.


Bills Peak’s North Face has plenty of great choices. All of them are steep and you usually won’t see many people in this zone, the approach is a bit of a pain.  Once you’re over there though, mind the giant cornice that develops every year.


The West Face of James Peak was another gem with virtually no information on the internet or in print. This has to be one of the finest moderate couloirs I’ve ever had the pleasure of skiing. If Parry Peak’s Bear Claw is in then this line probably is too.


Snoopy in the sunrise alpenglow as seen from Loveland Pass. This is the classic local’s moniker for “The Citadel”. Many see this line as a rite of spring. There are moderate and steep options on its flanks.

fritz-sperry-makingturns-5-940x529 copy

The summit of “The Citadel” brings a little exposure to your day. Step carefully.


Table of contents lists 55 peaks and 109 routes along north from I-70 to the southern boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park.



Making Turns guidebook peak and route profiles include detailed listing categories: difficulty, sunhit, trailhead, tour distance, slope aspect, vertical, season, map and pages.

Fritz-Sperry-400x400Fritz Sperry is backcountry athlete and ambassador for Rocky Mountain Underground and Backcountry Access, Inc., and an Outdoor Columnist & Gear Reviewer at Summit Daily News.