Good Practice: Beacon Training Parks

Check out our new wireless beacon training parks!

If you live or play in the mountains, there’s a good chance there is a BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park near you, allowing you to practice multiple search scenarios at your convenience.

If you’re not already familiar, the Wireless Beacon Training Park System is an easier, more efficient way for recreationalists and pros to practice with their avalanche transceivers, and the latest system is better than before. When fully set up, eight waterproof transmit boxes are controlled wirelessly through a portable, weatherproof control panel. To change the search scenario, the controller simply flicks the on/off switch. Each transmit box comes with a 2′ x 2′ probe target, Recco diode, and motion sensor that emits an audible beep from the control panel when the target has been struck.

The system comes with signage, setup and detailed use instructions.

Find your nearest BCA Beacon Training Park using our map locator (enter nearest city, choose Beacon Training Park under “Category,” then click “Find Locations”).