Gear Review: FrogzSkin BCA Radio Vent Kit Prevents Snow Clogs

The FrogzSkin BCA Radio Vent Kit mesh fits over the speaker and microphone area on the BC Link Radio to keep snow and debris out of the radio.

By BCA Sled Ambassador Mike Duffy

The FrogzSkin BCA Radio Vent Kit provides a massive benefit if you ride in a wet snow climate as it prevents wet snow from clogging the radio mic and speaker vents. It is simple and effective.

Last season, a snowmobile student in my avalanche class told me about FrogzSkin, and so I decided to give it a try. I had not had problems with my BC Link radio Smart Mic clogging with snow since I live in Colorado where the snow is always light powder, right? Not exactly, especially with late season riding.  I have used my BC Link in some soggy conditions and freezing rain when snowmobiling in other parts of the country and experienced the nuisance of a clogged and frozen mic first hand.

FrogzSkin is a specialty, patent pending mesh material made by GTL, Inc. of Minnetonka, MN. The company is well known for making excellent vent kits for snowmobile hoods. Made of a flexible micro-fiber materials, it allows air flow, while virtually eliminating snow and ice buildup on the underlying BC Link two-way radio.

The Frogzskin BCA Radio Vent Kit helps to prevent water, snow, dirt, debris and other particles from entering the speaker and microphone parts of the BC Link radio . Cost is $4.95 for the one piece that fits over the speaker and microphone area.

Photo: BCA ambassador Stephanie Santeford could use a Frogzskin kit on her Smart Mic when riding this hard.

Great product. It works! No longer any chance of snow getting stuck in the Smart Mic. Inquire about a group buy for your snowmobile club.

Buy the Frogzskin BCA Radio Vent Kit here.

Mike Duffy is a professional avalanche education for mountain riders with