Magic Carpet Climbing Skins

    These skins will glide you up to the top of the mountain like a magic carpet! Glue designed for cold North American ascents.

    $149.95 - $179.95

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    Designed to accommodate the widest and most rockered freeride skis, the glide on these climbing skins will make you feel like you’re riding up the skin track on a magic carpet. The Magic Carpet Climbing Skins include water repellent nylon plus and glue formulated for cold North American temperatures. BCA’s climbing skins/ tip and tail hardware is compatible with most ski designs, including rounded/square twin-tips and skis up to 200cm long. The included trim kit gives you the tools you need to cut your skins to fit any side-cuts. Tip and tail clips along with storage sack included.

    How to Choose Skins Width
    When selecting the skin’s width, you must look up your ski’s dimensions. The idea is to pick a skin width that’s a few millimeters less than or any amount more than the widest part of your ski (generally near the tip). If the widest part of your ski is 130mm you could pick a 130mm or wider climbing skin. If the widest part of your ski is 143mm, you could pick a 145mm climbing skin and trim it down.