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BCA beacon training park photo JoshuaBaruch

How to Use a Beacon Training Park

A beacon training park is a great venue to practice your rescue skills. Whether you are alone or practicing with your friend, a beacon training park is a great way to practice multiple scenarios in a short amount of time. Backcountry Access has installed over 100 beacon training parks with ski resort, avalanche forecast centers, sled clubs and dealer partners worldwide. Navigate from our website menu to our store locator, to find a Beacon Training Park near you.

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bca group search featured


Jim Conway, Bruce Edgerly, and the crew from BCA illustrate how to perform an avalanche rescue with more than one rescuer. Important elements include proper “lane discipline” when establishing search strips, when to abandon your search strip to perform the coarse and fine search, how to manage “rogue signals,” and best practices for communication and leadership on the avalanche debris pile. Essential viewing for both recreational and professional avalanche rescue training. Watch and learn.

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