Welcome to BCA's Backcountry Safety [Edge]ucation Video Series

June 4, 2021

Introducing [Edge]ucation, a series of short, no-frills, backcountry safety tech tips featuring BCA co-founder Bruce Edgerly. Check back all season long for advice on everything from layering best practices to backcountry group communication.

No one knows backcountry safety better than Bruce Edgerly, co-founder of Backcountry Access. BCA is pleased to introduce [Edge]ucation - Edge's new series of backcountry education videos for everyone from the backcountry newcomer to seasoned travelers in avalanche terrain. Stay tuned all season for new videos, and stay sharp with our [Edge]ucation tech tips to keep you safe and sound on your backcountry tours.

In this video, Edge introduces the series and what to expect in upcoming [Edge]ucation videos. 

Get ready for winter with BCA avalanche safety gear and our backcountry safety videos.