Converting your Snowbike Back to Summer Use

By Mike Duffy, BCA Ambassador

For this blog, I contacted Jason Burandt, who put in 200 hours on his 2014 Kawasaki KX 450 that was linked to a 2017 Moto-trax MX 129” kit. Jason has great knowledge and is setting a great example for riders by getting his level 1 avalanche training at Silverton Avalanche School. He runs Moto Evolution, which sells Moto-Trax kits.


Ski removal/tire swap:
1. Loosen 4 pinch bolts on forks.
2. Remove main ski frame bolt
3. Slide ski and frame to left, then it can be removed from fit kit fork mounts. Re-attach to ski frame and store as needed.
4. Install front wheel with factory axle bolt, regrease hub, tighten and torque pinch bolts to factory settings.

Track & tunnel removal:
1. Loosen 4swing arm mount bolts this will make primary chain and strut bar easy to remove.
2. Remove master link from the primary chain.
3. Remove brake line from lever, mine is hand brake style for backcountry. If you race I recommend foot brake.
4. Detach strut from upper shock bolt, fully remove the lower swing arm bolts and remove.
5. Fully remove main swing arm axle, slide kit back and off bike. Now you are ready to reinstall factory rear end.

Reinstalling rear wheel for summer riding:
1. Attach factory swing arm, grease and reinstall swing arm axle, torque to factory settings.
2. Install rear shock and linkage to swing arm and upper shock bolt.
3. Reinstall foot brake and caliper before rear wheel.
4. Attach front brake caliper and line to hand brake.
5. Mount rear wheel but leave loose for now so the chain can be reinstalled.
6. Reinstall chain and master link. Be sure open end of clip is facing rear sprocket.
7. Adjust chain, tighten chain stays and rear axle. Torque to factory settings
8. Re-bleed front and rear brakes.
9. Inspect bike be sure everything is operating efficiently.

Jason Burandt wears BCA avalanche gear all the time, but took off pack for this jump in low angle terrain.

Rider info: Jason Burandt

  • From Racine, WI, Living in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Been riding dirt bikes since age 6, sleds since 11.
  • Snow and the freedom of winter has always been his favorite escape. Coming to Colorado was a dream of mine ever since I first rode with Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure. Then Chris got me on a snowbike and I instantly knew this was ‘me’ and what I’m passionate about.
  • Works for Patriot Motors Inc. as a mechanic.
  • Started moto evolution with two goals: to ride as much as possible and to be avalanche 1 certified. I’ll definitely be doing my avy level 2 in 2018! It’s the training that has kept me safe.
    Favorite riding spot this season: Grand County, Colorado

Tips for new snow bikers:
Get avy level 1 certified, get the gear to help you survive and stay safe, know your surroundings, do the research on snow conditions and avalanche risks, have a plan every time you hit the snow and keep it in the trees!

Bike Mods: Add FMF exhaust and custom pre-filters on air box to keep snow out and bar risers for comfort and control.

Thanks Jason for all the great info. Hope to ride more with you next winter.