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  • Two-Way Radios 2.0: How the Landscape is Changing

    Who would have ever thought that, in the era of smartphones, two-way radios would make a comeback? Learn what’s changing from BCA Electronics Category Director Toni Leskela.

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  • Wildsnow Gear Review: Tools For Ski Touring Communication – BC Link Radios

    WildSnow is a strong advocate of using 2-way radios to enhance safety while backcountry skiing. BC Link radios are tried and true, and as the winter season approaches, Jonathan Cooper likes to remind himself – and us – of how important communication is in the backcountry.

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  • CSAW Presentation: Telluride Takes Backcountry Radio Program to the Next Level

    The common use of two-way radio channels enables people not only to communicate clearly with those in their group but also to coordinate with other backcountry groups to make sure they’re not endangering each other. Heli guide and former avalanche forecaster Matt Steen described the use of common radio channels in the Telluride “sidecountry” at the 2017 Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop (CSAW).

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  • #sendandreturn: BC Link Radios on Mt. Logan: A report from Canada’s highest summit

    Beast. There is no other word for this mountain. At 5959m, Mt. Logan is Canada’s highest mountain, second only to Denali in North America. It’s hard to describe how one feels standing at the top of this mountain, other than short on oxygen. Then, something incredible happened…. the crackle of a voice on my BC Link radio. #sendandreturn

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  • Not Just for Winter Anymore: How to Use Your Two-Way Radios in Summer

    Paddle, ride, climb, hike or bike, here are 5 ways to use BC Link two-way radios in the summer.

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  • Freeskier Review: Backcountry Access BC Link Radio, Camo Style

    On a recent overnight trip in Colorado’s Holy Cross Wilderness—Donny O’Neill and crew found their BC Link Radios to be particularly useful. A spring storm was hovering and visibility was low. But their team of four was able to communicate back and forth, relaying to each other information about whether certain routes into the East Cross Creek drainage were safe and skiable.

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  • #unepicadventures: Radio Communications Alert Group of Avalanche

    Three backcountry skiers effectively used their two-way radios last month to instantly communicate the moment an avalanche triggered and began to slide. It’s a good example of the isolated danger of triggering persistent slab avalanches. And a great example of safe backcountry travel protocols.

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  • How I Use My BCA MtnPro Gear Year-Round

    If it were my choice, I would be using my BCA MtnPro gear year round after a two-week summer break. I would be off to the southern hemisphere to enjoy winter sledding in the Andes. In reality, that’s not quite happening yet. I do use the following BCA gear in the summer and fall: BC Link radios, Stash packs, MtnPro protective vest and MtnPro shin guards. Here’s where I use them.

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  • Avalanche Rescue: Airbag deployed as skier radios for help on Berthoud Pass

    On Sunday January 29, 2017, Dustin Opheim was caught in an avalanche near Berthoud Pass on the southeast aspect of Russell. The incident was reported to CAIC. Dustin recounts his avalanche rescue experience in which he deployed BCA Float avalanche airbag and communicated to his group via his BC Link radios.

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