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  • BCA Summer School is in Session: Take Quizzes, Win Prizes

    At BCA, we feel that there is no better way to spend these long summer months than brushing up on your snow and avalanche safety skills. That is why we have created the BCA ‘Backcountry Safety Summer School’, a course with three sets of quizzes each designed to help you brush up on your backcountry safety and avalanche rescue knowledge.

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  • Kodak Courage: Balancing Backcountry Safety and the Demand for Rowdy Footage

    Awe-inspiring and impressive, or sketchy and scary? After being buried in an avalanche, he didn’t want to film skiing or push it for the camera. But he managed to change course.

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  • #sendandreturn: Share your best stories and make every trip a round trip!

    At Backcountry Access, we love “sending” big lines like everyone else. But none of those lines count unless you return intact. Have a good #sendandreturn story to tell? Share your best backcountry success stories to show others how it’s done!

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  • Wildsnow Gear Review: Tools For Ski Touring Communication – BC Link Radios

    WildSnow is a strong advocate of using 2-way radios to enhance safety while backcountry skiing. BC Link radios are tried and true, and as the winter season approaches, Jonathan Cooper likes to remind himself – and us – of how important communication is in the backcountry.

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  • BCA presents the five Backcountry Basics educational video series

    BCA has just released a new series of five educational videos titled, “BCA Backcountry Basics: Get the Goods without Getting Buried.” The goal is to get new backcountry riders stoked on snow safety–and enrolled in avalanche courses.

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  • 2017 U.S. Snow and Avalanche Workshops Schedule

    Mark your calendars and get educated at one of the U.S. regional snow and avalanche workshops. These pre-season gatherings of snow travelers are a great way to share knowledge, learn, laugh, and network. Meetings are intended for ski patrollers, avalanche forecasters, road maintenance personnel, ski guides, avalanche education instructors, snowmobile professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and applied researchers, and also open to anyone in the community. 

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  • #sendandreturn: BC Link Radios on Mt. Logan: A report from Canada’s highest summit

    Beast. There is no other word for this mountain. At 5959m, Mt. Logan is Canada’s highest mountain, second only to Denali in North America. It’s hard to describe how one feels standing at the top of this mountain, other than short on oxygen. Then, something incredible happened…. the crackle of a voice on my BC Link radio. #sendandreturn

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  • The Sociology of Skiing: BCA Student Athlete Martin Lentz learns the “Softer Side” of Freeskiing

    By Martin Lentz It could be perceived as a sly way to sneak skiing into an accredited curriculum, but the Sociology of Skiing course I took at Quest University last semester was a profoundly educational experience that had a lasting impact on me as a skier. Quest University is a private, liberal arts school in […]

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  • #sendandreturn: Skiing the Gore Trifecta: Three Couloirs, Three Lines

    Can an unepic adventure be memorable and an amazing experience? I find that sometimes I have the ability to put expectations on certain outings. These outings are usually on my tick list of things I want to accomplish. One of these objectives we called the “Gore Trifecta” and simply consisted of skiing the Silver Couloir on Buffalo, the Big Bad Wolf on Red #1, and What Big Eyes You Have on Little Red.

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