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  • New avalanche, snow burial practice guidelines from the Wilderness Medical Society

    In continuing to promote avalanche education, Backcountry Access is please to share the new white paper: The Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Avalanche and Nonavalanche Snow Burial Accidents.

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  • ISSW Survey: Share Your Real-Life Avalanche Experiences

    BCA is collecting information about “real-life” avalanche experiences in which an injury was sustained and medical treatment/attention was required. We invite you to share your up close and in person experiences. Take survey here.

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  • Checklists to live by: How to make decision-making a “process.”

    Avalanche checklists provide probabilistic decision-making strategies for the assessment of avalanche risks in unprotected alpine areas.

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  • The Good Divide — the Upcoming “Pro-Rec” Split in Avalanche Education

    Representatives from the American Avalanche Association (AAA), the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), the American Avalanche Institute (AAI), the National Avalanche School (NAS), public forecasters, educators, and ski patrollers are working on “splitting” avalanche curricula in the US into professional (pro) and recreational (rec) tracks.

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  • American Avalanche Institute Partners with Backcountry Access

    Both the American Avalanche Institute and Backcountry Access are dedicated to saving the lives of backcountry enthusiasts. This partnership will advance the support of backcountry travelers through education efforts that offer relevant tools and practices for the complex winter environment.

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  • “Let’s Get Real” About Multiple Avalanche Burials

    Here are the realities: Statistics indicate that multiple burials have actually decreased over the past decade. And they also indicate that you’re much better off using your brain–and your shovel–than relying exclusively on the multiple-burial features on your avalanche beacon. Get educated, learn proven avalanche search and rescue techniques, and practice all of these several times every season.

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