Ride Rasmussen Style expands in Europe with Wille Rajala

Ride Rasmussen Style, the Idaho-based snowmobile riding school has expanded into Europe with a new base in the Arctic Circle Finland headed up by Wille Rajala. Launching its European operations in January 2016, legendary snowmobile racer and innovator Bret Rasmussen is thrilled to be working with Wille to start the new era for his beloved riding clinics.

As CEO of Ride Rasmussen Style Europe, Wille Rajala is a Finnish Lapland based entrepreneur and experienced mountain rider from a town called Rovaniemi, which is the home of the only Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) snowmobile plant in Europe.  Wille reports:

I am former professional snowboarder, one of the pioneers in Europe, started 1984 and raced in the Snowboarding World Cup for 15 years from 1984-2000.

My first experience for the snowmobiles was when I was 6 years old, towing logs at my grandparents farm with orange Ockelbo. Ever since I’ve been riding and really loving the development of the machines.

I am totally in love for the turns, I simply love to carve around the untouched surface, no matter if there is snowboard or snowmobile under my boots. The enjoyment that today’s lightweight, powerful and sophisticated snowmobiles can give is unbelievable.  Now I can continue my beloved turns also sideways and on the way up, what is kinda hard to make happening with non-motorized snowboard.

I am also entrepreneur doing marketing, branding and sales. I have worked most of my life with global brands, absolutely enjoying it every minute. But when you get older, sit enough on the airplanes, you start to evaluate your life deeper.

My love for the mountains, fresh snow and especially for the turns, have never fainted. 

Today I spend more time on fresh white surfaces and combine my entrepreneur talent, by running the business in Europe for legendary Bret Rasmussen and his Ride Rasmussen Style riding school. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to work with ‘The Professor’ and to be able to ride and getting schooled myself.


Bret Rasmussen rides into the expanding European snowmobile market with his world-class sled education and mountain safety clinics.

Wille Rajala has strong background in branding and business development. After leaving the global snowboard circuit to be an entrepreneur, he kept mountain life close to his heart. He feels now is the perfect opportunity to get back to nature and snow, the elements he loves the most.

As a result of high sales in mountain sleds, there is a natural demand for educating the existing riders as well as new comers. The Ride Rasmussen Style clinics instruct riders on how to set up their machines and provide instruction on riding techniques providing more enjoyment while in the backcountry. The first Ride Rasmussen Style Europe Camp was held in April 2016 in the mountains of Swedish Lapland, and will return with a spring 2017 mountain camp in Riksgransen, Sweden .  More events are being planned in Finland, Sweden and possibly Norway in the 2016/17 season.

Wille Rajala is in charge of all European activities and camp inquiries, as well as for official merchandise.Wille and Bret are looking forward to the new European activities and territories joining the Ride Rasmussen Style experiences.  Ride Rasmussen Style promotes avalanche safety and the use of BCA MtnPro protective gear.

wille-rajala-masterofturns-275x275Wille Rajala is a sled ambassador for Ski-Doo and Backcountry Access and CEO of Ride Rasmussen Style Europe. Wille has been riding since 1979. His sled is a Ski-Doo Summit 165”. He is a husband and a father to one teenager son. For more information, contact:

Wille Rajala, CEO
Ride Rasmussen Style Europe
Tel: +358 40 504 8008
email Wille

Follow Wille @masterofturns on Instagram.

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