BCA Pro Snowmobilers

  • Curtis Pawliuk

    Owner and operator of Frozen Pirate Snow Services, Pawliuk is a long time Valemount resident who has extensive experience in the local backcountry. He is an avid snowmobiler and mountain biker, and loves everything the outdoors has to offer.

  • Geoff Kyle

    Geoff is a big mountain snowmobiler from Whistler B.C. who lives the life by guiding tours, conducting camps, and renting snowmobiles. He has been featured in films such as Slednecks, Braaap, 2 Stroke Cold Smoke, and many more.

  • Marshall Dempster

    Marshall is a member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, a professional forecaster and AST 2 certified instructor. He is an instructor for the BRP Ski-Doo avalanche seminar series and Frozen Pirate snow services.

  • Matt Schebaum

    A snowmobile guide based in Jackson, Wyoming, Matt emphasizes safe motorized backcountry travel and avalanche awareness to his clients and the recreational snowmobile community.

  • Mike Duffy

    Mike Duffy is an American Avalanche Association certified instructor who teaches motorized specific avalanche classes and mountain rider skills courses nationwide. Follow him @avalanche1.colorado.

  • Ryan Johannesen

    Ryan is from Golden, BC and cannot get enough time in the mountains. With twenty seasons of snowmobile guiding, filmmaking, and avalanche instructing, Ryan is a true sledding expert.

  • Stephanie LaRoy Schwartz

    Revelstoke native and SnoWest cover girl Stephanie LaRoy Schwartz has been sledding in the since she was in the womb. Stephanie has been hosting backcountry clinics for over 10 years all over North America and Sweden.

  • Will Mook

    Will is a backcountry snowmobile guide based out of Jackson, WY. Riding over 4,000 miles per season, Will spends his days with clients riding hard while emphasizing the importance of safe backcountry travel.

  • Wille Rajala

    Wille Rajala serves as CEO of Ride Rasmussen Style Europe and Ski-Doo ambassador. A former pro snowboarder, he raced 15 years on the World Cup circuit. Wille started sledding at age 6, towing logs at his grandparents’ farm in Ockelbo, Finland.

  • Jim Phelan

    Jim Phelan is the founder and owner of Thunderstruck Films, the preeminent producer of snowmobile action films worldwide.

  • Sean Sullivan

    Sean Thomas Sullivan (“Sully”) is an instructor with the Alaska Avalanche School and is fine-tuned on his “sleducation.” Not only does he rip up the mountain, but he does so safely by being well equipped for all sorts of unknown terrain.

  • Trish Drinkle

    Trish is a Polaris ambassador, member of Avalanche Canada’s SLEDCOM, powersports writer, and president of her local Creston, BC snowmobile club. She enjoys providing youth outreach and women’s skills development courses.

  • Stephanie Cumming

    Stephanie Cumming is a back-country snowmobiler and photographer. A back-country survivor, who has a passion for helping others learn about back-country safety and avalanche awareness.

  • Taylor McLaughlin

    Living in Montana to pursue professional snowmobiling, Taylor is a sledding fanatic. He is a sponsored rider and instructor for Bret Rasmussen and his passion for snowmobiling keeps him safe and fast in the backcountry. Catch him in Bozeman ripping up the trails.

  • Thunderstruck Crew

    Montana-based BIG SKY X-TREME TEAM with a reputation for being crazy and doing just about anything on their monster turbo sleds.

  • Tony Jenkins

    Tony teaches Ride Rasmussen Style backcountry snowmobile clinics and works with Ski-Doo Mountain. He has been featured in Sledheads, SnoWest, American Snowmobiler, Mountain Mod Mania, Crazy Canadian Adventures, 208 productions, 509 and Schooled films.

  • Tony Ryan

    From Wisconsin, Tony represents the Midwest as a back-country snowmobiler riding the western mountains and the U.P. of Michigan. He founded the “Spring Loaded Snowmobile Bumper” and has been featured in Sled’Diction 4 & 5 and on Joydigger.com.

  • Ashley Chaffin

    Ashley has been on the Valdez Search and Rescue team for 8 years. She was the first girl to hit a ramp at competition level, have an extreme snowmobile cover shot, is a female backcountry expert for Ski-Doo team. Ashley has rode in the Slednecks film series, 2 Stroke Cold Smoke film series and the Turnagain Hardcore 5.

  • Ashley Luken

    Ashley grew up in the motorsports industry and started racing her Kitty Cat when she was 4 years old, in New Hampshire. She has a passion for off-trail riding and has landed a few sponsors. With her perseverance and ambitiousness, she can ride in the backcountry with composure and grace.

  • Brandy Floyd

    Brandy has been a backcountry sledder for 15 years. During which time she has founded the Annual Ladies Ride and the Ladies Ride Calendar, Co-Produced Sledbetties and Flirting With Danger – both of which are sledding films featuring all women riders, and has filmed with Thunderstruck Films for 2 years.

  • Bret Rasmussen

    Bret’s Ride Rasmussen Style clinics help snowmobile riders achieve the ability and confidence to ride in the back country without taking personal risks that would otherwise be life threatening. Click here to find an Ride Rasmussen Style Avy safety course or sledding clinic in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Brock Bolin

    Brock is the accessories manager for Penco Power Products in Kalispell, MT and safety director for the Flathead Snowmobile Association. His love for the mountains fuels his riding on his Timbersled Mountainhorse, a very capable backcountry machine in his hands.

  • Brock Hoyer

    A father, an athlete, and a hard-worker, Brock Hoyer is a snow motorsports star from Williams Lake, British Colombia. ‘Hoyer the Destroyer’ has won numerous competitions, including the gold medal at the 2020 XGames Snow Bike Cross. Brock continues to shred as it is his calling.

  • Cam Chimenti

    Cam Chimenti is a sledding wizard with over 30 years of experience. As the owner of 3C Guiding in Wyoming, Cam knows the ins and outs of a good day in the mountains, including how to stay safe and score the most powder.

  • Chris Yelverton

    A lifelong Alaskan, Chris Yelverton knows how to ride in the backcountry. Growing up in Anchorage and being around word-class sledding, Chris has a passion for this sport. Catch him and some beautiful Alaskan views in the Braaap film series.

  • Dove Daniels

    Dove is a fun-havin’ full throttle sledder out of Alaska. She with for the Alaska Avalanche Information Center to promote backcountry safety to mountain riders. Her favorite places to “let her rip” are in Chugach National Forest and Turnagin Pass.

  • Jacob Mom

    Jacob Mom from Michigan is not only an impressive sledder, but he is also a safe one. As the co-owner of Moms Motor Sports, he teaches avalanche training and awareness to keep backcountry sledders prepared for avalanche terrain.

  • Jay Mentaberry

    From Alpine, Wyoming where the snow is perfect for sledding conditions, Jay was made to snowmobile. Whether it be racing, catching air, or making progressive videos, he can perform at top-notch. Jay is one of the youngest X Games athletes and has competed in the pro class level since 2013.

  • Mike Buck

    Mike Buck is no amateur as he has traveled more than 100,000 miles by snowmobile all across Alaska. He is a certified avalanche instructor and Backcountry Safety Education Contractor for AAIC. With his leadership and knowledge, he can rip a sled safely and in style.

  • Randy Swenson

    Based in Summerland, BC, Randy eats, lives, drinks and breathes sledding 24/7 and rides with the Thunderstrunk Films team. He has worked for Yamaha for over 30 years and earned the 2009 XTREMEY AWARD WINNER, Best Rider In A Snowmobile Film, TS7

  • Randy Sugihara

    Randy Sugihara is a professional backcountry snowmobiler from Utah with an ambitious drive to sled. He is no stranger to backcountry injuries, but that doesn’t hold him back. Catch him in the Alpine Assasins film to see his true shredding power.

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